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Will You Stand to Save Holi?

Vanishing Great Civilization
Spoiling Ageold Festivals
Depreciating Human Values
Depleting Responsible Conduct
Replacing Joy with Hooliganism
Missing Holy elements?
What to do?
Wanted Holi Champions!
Wanted Culture Ambassadors!
Wanted Courtesy Protectors!
Spraying Harmful Colours?
Wasting Scarce Water?
Using Abusive Language?
Burning Tree Wood?
Shouting Obscene Slogans?
Teasing Without Concern?
Let's return to the roots
Let's return to nature
Let's revive heritage
Let's remove evils
Make Holi true-Holy

Our colorful cultural heritage is wonderful and unique. Our ancient cultural heritage is really praiseworthy. Our value of life and our respect for nature were truly praiseworthy. Today the whole world needs this cultural heritage of ours. But it is also necessary that we present this cultural heritage in the right perspective.

Culture and civilization depend on the initiative and will of the people to preserve their ancient heritage in the present context with suitable modifications. People have to respect ancient wisdom and also respect the circumstantial factors of the present times.
Ancient wisdom should be recognized and appreciated. Let us understand that our population is exploding making it the largest country in the world. We have to act very responsibly. We can consume the greatest resources of this world. We have to be very careful in our practices and customs so that we can set an example of being an eco-friendly and responsible country.

The festival of happiness is coming. Let us make this festival a true festival of happiness for all. Let us take a pledge to avoid the use of harmful chemicals. Let us prepare chemical-free colors which can be used in the festival of joy. Chemical colors are sold at most shops. Please boycott these colors and show your strength so that these shopkeepers start selling eco-friendly colors.

A large number of voluntary organizations and NGOs are preparing dung-based cakes for burning. But people keep on using the wood of fresh trees for burning. We have already seen disasters caused by falling trees. Let us ban any use of wood. Let us boycott all those who are using fresh wood.
Let us request all of us to use cow dung cakes (called Kanda in the Hindi language). These are good alternatives to wood. There is a need to revive the movement for greenery and afforestation. We have seen that the whole world is now facing natural calamities again and again. We need to start respecting nature and our ecosystem.

Let's start preparing for the festival of joy and happiness. Convince people around you for an eco-friendly Holi and try it yourself. Maybe your locality becomes the first locality to organize an eco-friendly Holi!!!! Maybe your locality can make its own identity in the whole country. The media will also welcome your innovative effort.

A responsible society should keep the changing needs of the society at the top - As a society, we have to say that we still give the most importance to trees and are determined to save them. This time no wood will be burnt on the Holi and the misuse of water will also be stopped. Water is priceless - use water in such a way that your Holi wishes come true and discretion is also seen in the use of water.Are you a responsible citizen to stand and revive our age-old festival in its true spirit? Are you the one who can stand out and shout to make an appeal to everyone?
Are you the one who will ensure an eco-friendly Holi festival this time?
Many have joined - you should also stand out. When we have stopped using wood in funerals, why can't we stop using wood during the Holi Festival?
We must appreciate the importance of protecting trees. Someone has to stand up and raise their voice. Are you the one?
Dr. Neelam Jain from Anuvrat Vishwa Bharati has stood firmly for an Eco-friendly Holi. She is raising her voice. Many more are standing up. You should also be one and share your stand on social media.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazin

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