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Thinking Of Proposing? 11 Countries Where You Could Pop the Question

Thinking of proposing The best destinations for proposals this year have been revealed. Travel experts have compiled a list of great destinations where you could choose to pop the question to your significant other, and the one thing that they all have in common is that they are memorable. Choosing the right spot will definitely depend on the tastes of your partner and yourself, of course, which is why we have compiled a varied list of options for you. Let's take a look.


If warmer climes and stunning natural beauty are what you prefer, then Brazil is a great choice. It is obviously a pretty huge place which means that you have a lot of choice. The travel experts from Audley Travel suggest a cruise down the Amazon, visiting Iguaçu Falls or hiking Sugarloaf Mountain. Brazil is an ideal location for more adventurous couples; it is also obviously home to one of the seven wonders of the world in Christ the Redeemer, which is truly a sight to behold too.


Egypt has a number of great landmarks and spots that provide the perfect backdrop for a proposal. Obviously, there are the Pyramids themselves, but you could also choose to wait for the sun to rise over Luxor or even take a cruise along the river Nile. Egypt is a great option for those that have an appreciation for history and culture.

Thinking of proposing America

There are a number of destinations in America, but none are more iconic than NYC. If city breaks are more your thing, then New York City has a plethora of options for you to consider. There is Central Park, Times Square and even the Empire State Building. New York is an iconic place to propose, and it is great for couples who prefer more hustle and bustle in their trips. A popular backdrop for many pop culture moments, you can build your itinerary around visiting the locations in person.


Italy is a great place to propose; it has something for everyone; It is rich with culture, but there are also beach destinations, incredibly popular among foodies, history buffs and architecture lovers alike, which makes it ideal. Knowing your partner is key here to working out which part of Italy would provide the perfect backdrop.


One of the best destinations for a laidback yet luxurious proposal is Greece, specifically Santorini. The weather, beaches and landscape are truly stunning. There are also a number of wineries to spend your days at; you could even choose to propose there, or along the beachfront or even in your private villa backed by a great view.


If you and your partner would prefer a more temperate climate as opposed to warm beachy holidays, then Norway is a great choice. It features some truly stunning natural beauty making it a great destination for nature lovers. Between the mountains, lakes and waterfalls, your partner is bound to have their breath taken away when you get down on one knee.


If you don't want to travel too far, then Ireland should definitely be a contender. Ireland is lush and green, rich with history and natural beauty, not to mention its links to Guinness and whiskey, making it a great choice for alcohol enthusiasts. The weather can be a little unpredictable, so make sure to factor this into your plans.

Thinking of proposing Saint Lucia

Being proposed to on a tropical island is a lot of girls' dreams, and Saint Lucia definitely checks that box. The beaches are truly phenomenal, and there are a lot of water sports options, too, for those that love the sea. Clear, blue waters, white sandy beaches and a beautiful engagement ring, who could say no to that?


There are several great choices in France, like the beaches of Nice, Cannes along the French Riveria or, of course, the city of love itself: Paris. France really does hit a lot of the criteria on the list, regardless of what you look for in a holiday. The landmarks and iconic destinations are in abundance; you could get on one knee at any one of them.


There is a reason why most people think of Hawaii when they think of a once-in-a-lifetime holiday; it is because it is iconic. Despite its popularity, there are a few hidden gems that you are likely to find, like the waterfalls along the Na Pali Coast or the Fern Grotto. Hawaii happens to encompass both a luxury beach holiday and the thrill of an adventure-centric holiday.
Spain is actually a European hub for food, culture, art and architecture. Barcelona is arguably one of the best choices in Spain for a proposal destination because it marries all of these things together. It is also perhaps one of the more affordable options, which is great if you have already forked out some money for the perfect ring.

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