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Economic Excellence in Green Hydrogen Projects Unveiled

Introducing an innovative initiative, Infocus International Group is delighted to announce the inauguration of a groundbreaking course, Green Hydrogen: Projects, Economics & Finance, set to go live on May 7th, 2024.

Economic Excellence in Green Hydrogen Projects Unveiled This course caters to individuals seeking a comprehensive understanding of the pivotal factors that will shape the business case for green hydrogen projects, focusing on hydrogen production through electrolysis using renewable power.

Crafted to deliver a lucid, business-centric, and unbiased perspective on these projects, the course seamlessly integrates core technological and economic aspects. It empowers participants to go beyond market hype, critically examine the realities of green hydrogen production, and assess its competitiveness in the market. The program equips attendees to identify and evaluate key numerical parameters essential for constructing a green hydrogen business model, encompassing ranges, uncertainties, and their impact on potential project returns.

Hear what past participants have to say: A participant from Technip Energies commented, “Great introduction to green hydrogen, covering a very broad range of topics in what is a very young industry. The trainer is extremely knowledgeable and was able to address a wide range of questions from the group, using excellent real-life examples from the industry. Each session was well-paced, maintaining a steady flow of information.”

Another participant from Kenya Electricity Generating Company added, “The trainer has a good mastery of the subject. His explanations are on point! I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to enter the green hydrogen space.”

Register now to skillfully develop green hydrogen projects by seamlessly integrating core technological and economic elements.

Benefits of Attending:
Economic Excellence in Green Hydrogen Projects Unveiled
1. Develop a thorough comprehension of the elements constituting a green hydrogen project.

2. Quantify the essential inputs for hydrogen production, including the levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH).

3. Investigate how variables such as clean hydrogen standards and resource fluctuations will impact choices in project design.

4. Grasp the significance of timeframes, encompassing power purchase and hydrogen offtake contracts.

5. Engage in discussions on how various factors contribute to project risk analysis, determining levels of investment return.

6. Extract valuable insights from global project examples and diverse business strategies.

7. Scrutinize the outcomes derived from green hydrogen financial modeling.

Want to learn more?

Simply email to or call +65 6325 0235 to obtain your FREE COPY of event brochure. For more information, please visit About Infocus International Group: Infocus International is a global business intelligence provider of strategic information and professional services for diverse business communities. Recognizing clients' needs, they respond with innovative and result-oriented programs. Their products are founded on high-value content in various subject areas, ensuring the highest level of quality through intensive market research from local and international insights. For more information:

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