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Unlocking the Future: A Fresh Look at Energy Transition

Infocus International Group is thrilled to introduce its latest course, Energy Transition, set to go live on July 9, 2024.

Energy Transition This time-efficient course is crafted to offer business decision-makers a comprehensive understanding of the energy transition. It covers the meaning of energy transition, the competing and coexisting technological solutions, and the policy and practical factors shaping deployment pathways.

Designed for individuals involved in strategy, business, or product development, or those seeking a broader understanding of their work context, this course provides an independent and unbiased perspective on energy transition issues. It aims to offer a critical framework for informed decision-making by explaining various aspects of the energy transition landscape and illustrating how they interconnect.

Starting with a review of the ongoing energy transition, including current trends and rates of change, participants will delve into the key drivers and motivations influencing industry and policy players. The course explores the centrality of 'electrification' processes in both energy transition pathways and current disruptions in the energy market. It assesses the clean fuels available and emerging as alternatives where direct electricity use is impractical or uneconomical.

Energy Transition Lastly, participants will grasp the potential role of carbon capture, utilization, and storage in addressing challenges where fossil fuels are resistant to change, acting as a crucial solution for achieving a 'net' zero carbon footprint.

Register now to navigate the landscape of the clean energy revolution, covering changing energy dynamics, electrification, clean fuels, and carbon capture.

Course Sessions:

1. The dynamic transformation of the energy mix and routes to achieve net zero

2. Electrification: factors driving it, applications, and constraints

3. Origin and utilization of 'clean fuels'

4. Carbon capture and storage: a crucial support for fossil fuel producers?

Benefits of Attending:
Energy Transition
1. Grasp the evolving market context for your energy-related business, identifying new competitors, emerging opportunities, and risks

2. Obtain an independent, hype-free, and interconnected perspective on various energy transition technologies and pathways

3. Understand the progress of primary and final energy sources evolution

4. Explore published pathways and scenarios aiming for net-zero carbon emissions

5. Discuss electrification and its limits, considering factors like minerals, finances, and the grid

6. Evaluate the challenges of balancing the future grid to integrate 'variable' electricity supply

7. Examine clean fuel options, including hydrogen and 'e-fuels' for sustainable aviation and shipping

8. Understand the role of carbon capture, storage, and/or utilization in conjunction with electrification and clean fuels

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