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Stiff bodies, straight vision, chins up, bonded minds, restricted actions, wide deaf ears, enclosed world, false levels.
These flows of words are embraced by a person with EGO. Now let's take a U-turn and ask "are we one of them", tough answer but a real one.

EGO is negative; every normal mind knows this fact. But are we still egoistic with or without our senses? What is being egoistic, what is EGO? The fact is, it leads to Evacuation of Growth opportunities.

The negative wound of loss and defeat, the charges of fights in our life, the bitterness in the sweet relationships, overconfidence in ourselves, pseudo personality projection tend to separate ourselves from our world, generate a negative attitude where we focus on self always, glue ourselves to our own thinking even when there is scope for improvement and growth, generate hatred to accept defeat and failures, frustration anger showering out of us, forceful growth leading to steep fall, negative energy affecting the minds around us, our steps never grounded, blame games on the high, learn to be good actors than being genuine, close our ears to our inner voice, basically, loss of growth.
Let's face it, all the above instances have been and are the part of our life in one way or the other. "We are always right" - how wrong are these words. To accept that we are wrong is so difficult; we always waste time to find ways to prove that we are right. Ego masks us from accepting the reality. Anger, confusion, irritation, sadness - a mixed bag of negative emotions take charge on our mind when something proves us to be on the wrong side. Ego restrains us from growth as Growth is a result of improvement but when we believe that we are the best, growth stops.

Ego is a part of every disaster in our lives. Clashes in relationships to clashes between countries, ego plays its role. In the present days, there is a huge bridge between the young generation and their ancestors, reason being ego clash. Increasing distance between couples, the reason repeats itself. Fights and clashes in your life, the reason remains the same.
It's a known fact that constant change is essential for growth, if changes stagnate, growth stops. On many instances we do not cross the borders to change, as we believe that our thoughts are the end of the world, we fear the consequences of change; we feel we cannot digest the different. We have to get out of this barrier and open the doors of our mind to see the free world full of ideas to step up. We should believe in acceleration than constant velocity.

As the River water changes its motion and position every second and flows towards its goal, let's take an oath to be the fresh river water and grow towards success, than to become rotten with stagnant EGO.


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Nikhil Hulamani
Nikhil Hulamani is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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