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Heads and Tails

In our early stages, life's toughest questions are answered with this simple technique: HEADS OR TAILS. Which color to choose, Red or Blue? Heads or tails. Talk to friend after a fight or not? Heads or tails! Even today, this is still followed. One can however, only find a solution for a particular question using this technique. One solution when there are two options. What when we have no options or unlimited options? It's heads and tails..but not heads or tails. Life gives options to those who opt, gives chances to those who chase them, throws challenging situations to those who are ready to face them.
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Every coin has heads and tails. Similarly every situation has two sides one is positive and the other to be positioned to be positive. There can exist no negativity, it's just limited or unlimited positivity. Situations are always same, but what matters is whether we deal it with limited positivity or unlimited positivity. Our limits are to be limited if we are to be unlimited.

Never limiting ourselves to a single situation is important. A constant remembrance that there's another side to what we face will do so much good that it might seem to yield miraculous results.

Life only chooses a situation for us. It is completely up to us to grab it and make pearls or generates nothing out of it. Situations only can make the U in you stronger at each step. Fear might want us to stand still and never to move on, which is really simple to do, but surely not simpler than to walk down the path!

One of the simplest open secrets to succeed is to put in our best of efforts even into the smallest things ever! Heads or tails is never an option; it's an assumption to those who want to escape from themselves. But is it possible to escape from yourself when you can't face reality? Heads or tails is to find a solution temporarily but if you want an answer for yourself then the answer is always heads 'and' tails. The thrill lies in facing it!
The destination can only be reached through sincere effort and undoubted faith (not in heads and tails but in YOU). When the Y in your WHY is clear, everything else is crystal clear. Keep heads and tails in mind and choose to chase what you want to be, then life will create what you've always wanted - in the form of a situation of course! Just grab it, no heads or tails. When you know it's heads and tails, nothing can stop you from being You. ALL THE BEST! KEEP WALKING!

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Beena Chowdary
Beena Chowdary is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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