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Love Is Divinity

True Love, flowing freely
Pouring to one and all
Such is the Love of the Lord,
And to each heart He does call

Love, deep and infinite
Such is Love He does give
So in unspeakable joy and peace
His blood-bought children live

Love spanning the skies
Love reaching the depth of the sea
Love traversing mountains
Love embracing you and me

Our Lord loved each one
While sinners still were we
He died willingly for us
That born again we could be
love is divinity,peace
Greater love has no man
Than to lay down his life for friends
The blameless Lamb did this for us
And His Love for us never ends

Yet do we embrace His Love?
His infinite graces do we receive?
Do we love our Lord in return?
In His Sacrifice do we believe?

May we never scorn His heart
May we never deny His Love
May we always embrace Jesus
The precious Gift sent from Above

And may we love Him ever more
May we love Him deeper each day
May we give all of ourselves to Him
For full love and surrender I pray

For to love the Lord deeply
Is to obey each of His commands
To love the Lord most truly
Is to surrender all into His Hands

So, brother and sister, let us love
Let our hearts love deep and wide
Let us give our hearts to Jesus
Walking always by our Savior's side

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Caroline Gavin
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