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Subjects Of Insanity

I have spent studying not less than 16 years
But, to the teachers, rarely gave my ears
The Subjects taught did seem to have some clarity
But the things taught, to me were subjects of insanity

Maps and maps I had learnt in geography
But even today, I don't know the roads of my own city
Volumes and volumes of history, on my brain, I had sown
Just to realize, in the process, I had forgotten my own
My favorites math, eco and stats, to learn'em deep, I chose
But to this day, no track I have, where my money goes
subjects of insanity,science
In the ocean of science, to become a scientist, I had drowned
To discover the extents of universe, not stars, but much beyond
In the race to discover the unexplored, I ran
The universe lay within me, the study of which I never began

They taught a lot of principles in the science of moral
But all of them, in reality, seemed an obsolete model
I had learnt the process of government, in the subject of civics
But realized in the real world, it was all just politics

I learnt and learnt, but between what I had learnt and what it is
There seemed to be existing no clarity
I was taught everything, but never taught what reality is
That's why to me they are subjects of insanity.
That's why to me they were subjects of insanity

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