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The Path To Perfection

The attainment of purpose, becoming the ideal, the fulfillment of desires, being flawless and complete; all signify or tend to provide an image of what seems to be "perfect" in our minds.

From Birth till death, the aim of the everyday man is to achieve his own dream of perfection. Thus the question arises; what is perfect in a man or still put; what makes a man perfect and also how can he achieve such perfection?

It is paradoxical to say that "imperfection is perfect". This statement is deep and wanting elucidation. It seems to purport that having flaws, being incomplete, and unfulfilled is what makes a man or even a thing perfect.

The question of perfection has been one of several debates for ages; with opinions varying from person to person and philosophy to philosophy, there however is the common position gleaned from the various thought patterns, and that is Perfection is Completion.
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This is more like the attainment of a whole; however, a close look at this summarised position, seems to be in contrast with the paradox that says "imperfection is perfect". The completion being spoken about here is of a body. It is true to say that in our human life, no single entity can be said to be perfect in its singularity, except it be in existence with other variables making it complete.

I take for instance, the human body, being a somewhat best example of perfection. The functioning of the systems, the inter-dependence of one part on another and the inter-relation and co-existence of individual body parts together is the perfection of the human body I'm talking about. No one part of the human body can exist or function alone and survive. They all need to be part and parcel of the body to function properly and consequently the full functioning and development of the whole body.

In other words, every part of the human body plays an instrumental, inter-woven and inter-dependent role that ensures the survival of the whole. Thus we can say that when all these parts successfully play these roles which in turn produce harmony; Perfection is said to be created.

In the same vein, as we have in a Corporate Organisation, an individual cannot do it all, he cannot be the C.E.O., a Secretary, a Messenger, a Cleaner, a Security and every other position at the same time. He will rather plan his single but important role and function at his best than occupy three, four or more roles and lead to the collapse of his Organisation.

The question of perfection in a man's life is related to the above examples; the paradox "imperfection is perfect" comes into play, the first step towards a man achieving perfection is when he recognises the imperfection of his singularity and not ending at such recognition but also his understanding that he is imperfect only when he chooses to stand alone.

Indeed no one man can claim perfection, and yet every man is made for perfection. A man is not perfect in himself but will bring about such through COMPLEMENTARY IMPERFECTIONS.

In every man's weakness lies his own strength.
As the saying goes, no man is an Island on his own. The world we live in today exists in completion because every piece and part of the ecosystem plays its little but dire and indispensable role in ensuring this continued existence.

The bottom line of this is that every man can achieve perfection in his seemingly insignificant imperfection, when he is able to fit into the jigsaw puzzle of life and complement other puzzle pieces to create the beautiful picture of Perfection.

In your little world and as much as you desire perfection, you can become perfect when you recognise and understand your role and duty in the great scheme of things. By putting in your best, functioning at your maximum capacity, doing what is right, being the ideal man or woman, espousing honesty, truth, patience, kindness, understanding and love in the daily dealings and interactions around you.

Remember that once the branch is severed from the vine, it cannot bring forth fruit.

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Wojuola Tobi Johannes
Wojuola Tobi Johannes is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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