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Serial Entrepreneur Michael Teoh Su Lim

Michael Teoh is an international award-winning entrepreneur and a Malaysian Book of Records holder for the Most Extraordinary Global Leadership Experience for a Youth in 2012. He is a certified trainer and coach, specializing in helping young talents in universities and companies to develop their potentials to succeed. He has worked with the world's largest brands and governments, coaching and speaking at their programmes on Communication Skills, Youth Employability Skills, Entrepreneurship and Motivation for the Workforce. He is also the organiser for TEDx in Malaysia. He has done projects across 30 countries and has spoken in the United Nations and on CNN about the development of young people.
michael teoh su lim,entrepreneur
  • Introduce our readers to some of the awards and laurels that you have received so far.
  • You have seen so many countries at such a young age. Share some incidents that have helped you elevate your perception and some which were a shock to you.
  • Given a chance to rule the world, what is the first thing you would change?
  • Leading a World Expedition in Humanitarian and Environmental Conservation Efforts, how important is a role model? Do you have one? Is it an inevitable part of a journey to success?
  • Anything else that you would want to throw light on to send across the message of inspiration to the readers?

1.Prime Minister's Choice for the National Youth Awards for Malaysia, 2012
o Nominated by Hon. Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak for the annual Perdana Youth Awards, Malaysia 2012
o Nomination witnessed and endorsed by the Ministry of Youth and Sport's Select Committee

2. Malaysia Achievement Awards 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
o Inducted into the Youth Icon 2012 Hall of Fame for Extraordinary Contributions to the Youths of Malaysia
o Winner of the Malaysian Achievement Awards - Youth Category 2012
o Winner in the Education and Research Category for Efforts in Educating the Public about Youth Volunteerism

3. Global Winner @ World Youth Travel Awards 2011, Barcelona, Spain
o 'Most Extraordinary Travel Experience' of 2012
o 1st Asian and Malaysian to Win the Awards

4. Your Big Year Global Winner & Ambassador, 2011, United Kingdom
o Youngest Winner (Aged 23) and only Asian and Malaysian to have qualified into the Top 24 Finalists and Won the 1st Placing
o 1st Winner of the World's largest social entrepreneurship competition in the UK, held among 45,000 people from 168 countries

5. Malaysia's Most Enterprising Youth Awards & Honorary Mention by the Deputy Prime Minister, 2010, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
o Recognized as Malaysia's Most Enterprising Youth by Deputy Prime Minister during the MSC-Malaysia Global Entrepreneurship Week Awards
o Entrepreneurship Awards recognized by the Kauffman Foundation in the USA

6. Google-DiGi Inspiring Internet for All Awards, 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
o Top 10 Winners - Recognizing efforts to promote Volunteerism through Online Media - Built a following of 10,000 people online

More than 300,000 lives served across 22 countries, addressing humanitarian needs in Latin America and Africa, to doing environmental conservation research in Canada and Australia (Astro - Sudut Pandang segment, 2012), were all part of Michael Teoh's daily life in 2011, when he led the global expedition to volunteer across the world.

A believer that the 'Efforts of Helping Others should be Sustainable' and 'People should be Inspired to Contribute their Efforts for the World', he spoke to youths in universities and major gatherings, to trigger their interest and belief to give back to their own societies. (Watch Youtube: One Young World Zurich Speech 2012)

Having worked in government bodies before, Michael realizes that for any change to take a more permanent presence in any community, the change-makers (The youths and the people) would need to consult, advice and co-create solutions with the governing bodies - An effort which saw Michael speaking to global leaders about the issues that he has seen throughout his world expedition and while growing up, while enforcing the notion of youth empowerment and development to them.

He worked with 800 youths in Colombia to build 400 new homes for the hardcore poor in Bogota, to leading a team of volunteers to construct cooking stoves for the rural families in Santa Maria in Guatemala, to trekking along the icy Canadian Rockies to promote climate change awareness, to building wells in Peru that provided water for 102 families in the desserts of Arequipa, to even volunteering as a teacher in Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa for orphans and HIV/AIDS affected children (Astro Awani, 2012).

His efforts would have shown that he services humanity and amplifies the goodwill efforts done by others through his continuous engagements with the public, especially with him setting up his coaching and consulting social business, to further groom and guide young talents to give back through their talents.

He is passionate towards serving humanity and the environment and it has become his best work of life, which he could have otherwise invested his time to pursue other interests. Instead, he led a global volunteering movement that transcended across cultures and geographical locations to share about the good efforts done by others.
michael teoh su lim,entrepreneur
Coaching and Grooming Individuals and Groups for Success and to Make Meaningful Impact for Our Country

As a business student, Michael is always talking about 'Replication, Duplication and the Creation of Systems' that would optimize the results and potentials of others. Returning from his world trip in 2011 and his past contributions towards the development of youths in Malaysia, Michael believes that there is a system and a set of principles which he follows.

He founded his own consulting and coaching company - Thriving Talents, while also rising to become the Managing Editor of Malaysia's Entrepreneurship website, which allowed him to share his thoughts on cultivating a healthier entrepreneurship culture in the country. Such channels allowed him to convey information, best practices and key approaches that would empower others to repeat his successes or even exceed him.

He continued his act of goodwill by sharing his knowledge and experiences after having accumulated over 15 years since taking up his 1st leadership role in school at the age of 10, through a series of books and e-books which he is currently co-authoring and pushing. The first draft of his book is currently in Singapore and is being edited by a publishing house there.

Up until today, he continues to develop 'Models and Concepts' that would allow him to educate the mass public about his approaches in being a meaningful contributor towards society and a role-model for change for others. He shares his thoughts on TV talk shows on Astro, Business FM, 89.9 and other global press to convey his lessons for the youths across.
He is a believer that products, public announcements and proper education channels should be created to empower individuals to first realize their abilities and potentials to serve others, while inculcating the reasons, personally for them to do so.

Michael has 2 philosophies that he takes to heart.
The first is that you should never wait for opportunities to knock. Instead, you ought to venture out and create your own opportunities. He firmly believes that one's own destiny is in one's own hands.

The second philosophy is that you should always begin an undertaking with a view to accomplishing it. Otherwise, you should not even begin it. This is his old high school motto. He believes people have unlimited potential but they need to always exert themselves so that they can do more and with greater meaning too.

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