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5 Most Important Attitudes of High Performance Achievers

Growth is not a new word for anyone of us out there. But all of us suffer from plenty of confusions to make that happen. Sometimes it's not just confusions it is beyond; it is hindrances, peer pressures, family pressures, financial crunches etc. Every other success story we pick up and read, we find that there are challenges but they pulled out of, every other success story we hear we feel people could just do it despite all the factors that we face, but they made it look easy.

What is it that differentiates people who achieve even with all the difficulties and those that don't make it making those difficulties look like the core reasons of failure - The differences are many not just one, but there are 5 MOST Important attitudes to cultivate that can help us tackle those difficulties and stay afloat the ocean of failures and have our story reach the eyes of those that seek to learn.

1. No difficulty or hurdle is the dead end

Most of us stop achieving further because we feel we are now finished and we feel there is no way out, when we encounter difficulties of severe nature that are beyond our capacities to handle. In my journey of life, I have experienced this innumerable times, having set up so many verticals successfully in the company and so many projects that run and are making a difference, that we feel "This is the dead end."
5 most important attitudes for high performance achievers,growth
The thing that worked for me always has been the basic assumption that "there is no dead end, unless you want to put one". It becomes then crucial to decide whether you want to put an end to that or not. In that situation, with this philosophy, you feel that you are still in control. This feeling of control gets you back 50% of the empowerment you need to get out of it. Rest you just get it with a few days of good sleep and few hours of severe planning.

2. There is nothing called 'I don't have the skills for this'

You may not have the skills for something, but you surely have the capacity to build them or find people who have it. Whether you have the skills to get out of the situation or someone else in your team has it, it is one and the same. If there is none around you who has it and you don't either, time, patience and doubling your efforts comes to the rescue of those who believe that there is nothing called 'I don't have the skills for this'.

3. Focus on Strengths

Those that win are those who focus all their energies on what they are good at and make it larger than life, that the weaknesses look far too small to remain weaknesses or those that have that strength join the race with the believer. So, if you wish to win then just focus on your strengths and deliver to them every day some amount of definite action.

4. Failure is just feedback loop created by the universe to tell you what was missing in the last attempt

Leaders and winners just stay in a feedback loop system, where every failure is but a report of things that were lacking and an action plan or check-list of things to work on next time. Leaders are ever-ready to take that check list with highest momentum.

5. Have Back Up Plans and Back up every action with superb Plans

Leaders and Winners PLAN and they make enough BACK UP Plans for every action they need to take. Plans don't fail or Plans can't fail is only a extreme idealist's assumption or thought process. Leaders know that not everything ever goes according to plan, they are always prepared with more back up plans to take place of those that fail, reducing thus the risk of a complete failure.

In my eyes these are 5 MOST important attitudes of a LEADER. If you are keen to learn more to simplify your life further do possess your copy of my first book - LIFE SIMPLIFIED! Now available in all TOP NOTCH ONLINE Stores published by Partridge (A Penguin Random House Company) - Amazon, Flipkart, Barnes & Noble, IU's Online Store(Self Published) & Many others. Get in touch with me on

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