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That moment of tears of joy

We all face this. Life is going good. Everything is sailing smooth. All that you want is falling in place slowly. You are right on track to achieving what you've always wanted. Everyone around seems to be doing what you want them to. You are at the peaks of everything..........and SNAP! In a split second it's gone. Something suddenly changes the whole situation. Everything starts going backwards. You try getting back things in place and it only seems to be going against you. You get more desperate and it gets worse....


Of course you're not alone! You might have to let go of something you've always held on to. Something you've thought you cannot live without. Something you never imagined living without. This "something" here might refer to a physical object, the person closest to you, your place, your college, a routine, a habit or anything very close to your heart...... And you have no choice but to let go!

You cry, you shout, you facebook, you tweet, you pour it out to your friend, you secretly write in your diary or just gulp it down the throat. You ask "Why me of all people?". You try and try and try to let go. After a while you even lie to yourself that it doesn't matter to you anymore. Some might even say life has gotten better after letting go of that something.
that moment of tears of joy,hope
Life goes on. You seem to forget your past. The pain of letting go starts fading away. Things start seeming to get back to normal. And you're close to sailing smooth all over again. You learn few lessons and move on.

And just THEN....... Look! It's back! It just comes back to you........ What? Really??? Is this is actually happening?

Well yes, that's the exact moment of tears! The tears that replace the words. The tears that show how deep the loss was! The tears that actually tell you how much you missed it. The tears that remind you that you are ALIVE!

Trust me, though you had let go, though you had completely convinced yourself that it's not a part of your life anymore, though you knew beyond doubt that it's not coming back, you still deep down somewhere had a small hope, a small belief that it's meant to come back! And that's it. God couldn't hold it longer from you. Hold on to that belief! Hold on to that hope! LIVE......... And if it's meant for you, no one, not even God can keep it away from you!

It's these intense moments that make our life. You like it or not, you have to live them, you have to live through them! :) If you like to share an incident you can relate to this article, please go ahead - the comments column is right below! (Even I want to know I'm not alone)

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