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Anger has filled the newspapers all around the world. It seems everywhere we go someone is angry. Rightful anger is good, but only if responds in the right way. All the other reasons people get angry are just plain ugly. I was never one to like any kind of violence. I am sure that most of you dear readers probably feel the same way.

As we go through our lives and face the deteriorating conditions around us, it wouldn't be hard to find something to get angry about. How will we deal with the situation? What steps will we take to properly vent our feelings so that we remain dignified, respect others, and at the same time process our anger so we can let it go? anger,violence One way to prepare for these "moments," is to make a list of what you can and will do if such a situation meets you face to face. i.e. I am going to walk away. I am going to hold my tongue. I am going to not take it personally as the other person might be having a bad day. I am going to show compassion. The list could go on and on.

What have you done in situations where you have been angry or someone has been angry at you? What have you found that works for the good of all?


I heard you were very angry today, and did not know what to do.
You were ready to let off some steam and needed someone to help you.
Well my friend, I will tell you this
NOTHING is gained when you use your fist.

Although at times, anger can be good to some degree,
It is only good if you choose to the right ways to set your anger free.
First of all, it is not proper to shout at others and scream out ugly words,
There are other ways to express your thoughts and feelings so that you can be heard.

Secondly physical violence is a violation of trust,
You will need to learn healthy options to let go of your "stuff."
As everyone has a bad day now and then,
But how your day will turn out, on you will depend.

So, "THINK" before you act so that you will not later regret
And do something stupid that will haunt you for life that you may never forget.
Why not take a step back and meditate on why you feel you need to explode,
And remember how your behavior if not appropriate will break the "moral" code.

"THINK" of the consequences you will incur if you step out of line.
"THINK" about how gaining self-respect back when you repent may take some time.
"THINK" about what you will gain from an outburst or creating and violent scene,
"THINK" how others will be affected when you choose to be mean.

"PLAN" what you will do when you start to feel this way,
"PLAN" the course of action you will take and what you can say.
"PLAN" who you can turn to that will help you when anger shows up on your plate,
"PLAN" how you can vent out your anger and at the same time be safe.

This is just a short list but there are other things you can do,
If you think for a moment I am sure you could come up with your own thing or two.
So don't let anger set the stage script you will play,
Learn now how you can help yourself and enjoy better days.

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Jeanne Claire Probst
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