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Breaking free

As I crossed the crowded street today

I thought maybe you would come my way

I felt a spark engulfing my inner being

That reminded me of stories

I used to keep on reading.

The dark room with no one beside

Whispered ample tales of bad aside
breaking free,freedom
I held on to my pillow as the last resort

Imagining that to be my loyal consort.

I waited for the dawn to show up soon

And remain with me till late afternoon

But the sun used to set without my consent

I tried to plead but it would not relent.

The scary wind and the deadly thoughts

Mortified me in midst of patchy knots

The more I tried to break free

I got entwined in a treacherous spree

Prayers healed my mind at last

I met someone like you kind and steadfast

You held my failing hands tight

Assuring me that all was right.

I missed these hands for so many years

Men like you are so very scarce

Thank God you came back again

And retraced my hitherto wayward steps

In the right lane.

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Padmini Dutta Sharma
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