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Meteoric rise from the ashes

We must not ponder on our past
It is foolish to cry alone and fast
Life has a way of testing our stride
We must fill ourselves with a lot of pride

He failed in his task twice and thrice
He therefore had to pay a very heavy price
Friends deserted and left forever
His task became upheaval and much graver
breaking free,freedom
In spite of the perils and sinister games
He was determined to rise back to fames
His enemies could only hurt his body
His soul unleashed potential in plenty

He fought for the cause of the common man
He was different from the escapists that ran
They nailed him like Jesus with a tree
But he was strong to be bondage free

He slept under the sky in sun and rain
The powerful failed to throttle him with a chain
Amidst the patchy weeds and muddy pools
He was like the fresh breeze that comforts and cools

When realization dawned that he wasn't a tyrant
But a common man who slept in the pavement
That he had no agenda but common goodness
To free the world from corruption and meanness
They came and surrendered
He mused and wondered
His mighty soul now rose from the ashes
Like the phoenix with marvel flashes.

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