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Remembering My Riding Days

So often when we have some down time, we tend to look back in our life and wonder if we have taken all the paths we should have, or could have? Have you done this routine at some point in your life? My hand is up... guilty.

It is not wrong to remember the years gone by; there were some good times along the line. The trick is not to dwell on things we can't change or fix. It is done and over with. But when we hit the memories of these gray areas of our lives, instead of focusing of the bad we did or was done to us, we need to focus on how we learned from the experience, and how it helped us to be who we are today. I call it character building. are you brave?,courageous Many folks are into body building, exercising and doing anything to keep moving and fit, but character building is just as important as these are. You know like the things we learned that tell us when we face problems today that, "I can do this, it's a piece of cake," and we shove the negative out of the way. Life is a continued learning experience for all.

Riding through the back roads of my brain,
I traveled down some rough roads and roads I remembered that had beautiful terrain.
When I came across roadblocks that tried to stop me from continuing on my way,
I figured I had remembered enough and had to stop riding for the day, as my brain was feeling the strain.

I had gone down roads during parts of my life, when I came across a fork in the road and didn't know which way to go and it left me somewhat confused,
About where was I going and where did I want to go and it got to be old news.
News about some of the changing gears I shifted along my way,
And the steep hills I had to get up and over, to get me where I am today.

Sure I had some rough roads, but the detours were always there,
I just needed to follow the signs and not be afraid, as the detours would eventually get me there.
Then there were a few flat tires and I had to take a time out from riding,
But, this did not stop me, as I got the tires fixed I caught up on any needed rest while waiting.

But no matter how many roads I traveled in the past,
Or how slow I pumped the pedals or whether I went too fast,
The things is, I finally got where I wanted to be,
I was the rider and I chose the direction and I controlled my speed.

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Jeanne Claire Probst
Jeanne Claire Probst is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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