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How many times do we ask ourselves "when," are we going to do something special? Go somewhere special? Say something special? Meditate on something special? Give something special? Now the answer to these questions, no pun intended, is, well, "when?" Exactly! So often, we put off doing the little "special" things that make the world go round and cause faces to shine with smiles, removing frowns. We usually find time to do everything else we have to do in our daily routine, but shouldn't we find time to do special things too? when,special I am going to start right now and "treat" myself to something special. I usually wait until it is bitter cold outside and the heat is one before I treat myself to a hot cup of white chocolate cocoa with raspberry creamy half and half. But why do I always wait for that particular moment. Can't I have a cup now? Ahem, I just did and it was so delicious. But there are other things I could do too, that will help make my day special. I could take a nap, just relax, watch TV, call a friend, and write a poem... the list can go on and on. The important thing though is to remember that we are special and we do not have to wait for all the "whens" to come around in our life down the road, before we find time to pamper ourselves and give ourselves a needed boost? Do we? Absolutely not!

So my dear readers, what "whens" have you put off from doing in your life? And, "when" are you going to treat yourself to something "special?" What do you do that gives you the boost you need every now and then to keep yourself going?


When do we find time to do all the things in life that we hope to do?
I have a list a mile long and I am sure you do too.
So often we put off doing the little things because more important bigger things get in the way,
But we really should find the time to give ourselves a little boost to help us get through each day.

So when the "when" questions hit me in the face,
I need to take time to stop and meditate.
Why do I have to wait for a future time to do what I want to do?
I want to do something special for me today, right now, and perhaps you should do something special for you too?

Today, I am going to sit back, kick my feet up and just relax,
All my chores and things on my "work list" can keep until I get back.
I'm going to take a time out to treat myself today,
And I'll worry about all the other things on my mind, another day.

Oh, it feels so go to take a time out,
I should do this more often, I have no doubt.
So when I make up all the "whens" I plan to do someday down the road,
I am going to add a special treat each day to help me be refreshed and keep me standing on my toes.

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Jeanne Claire Probst
Jeanne Claire Probst is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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