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It's the time for surgery

Being a teacher, I enjoy taking classes and would like you also to have a peep in my classes. Here I present one of my classes. The discussion with my students didn't bring any solution, but if you read the discussion, it will generate a solution as it will become the voice of common people, who can solve any problem, if they determine it collectively.

I: What is the biggest man-made problem in India that hurts everyone?

Amit: Corruption

I: How can we solve this problem?

Amit: If everyone becomes responsible, it will be solved.

I: How can we ensure that everyone is responsible?

Kratika: Only responsiveness cannot remove corruption. People need to have the right conscience, which can make them shun corruption.

I: The question still remains: How can we bring consciousness about corruption among people?

Amit: Now, everyone who deals with a Government department knows and accepts corruption as a normal course of business and people are willing to pay, and there are people, who will work only on receiving bribe.

Kritika: We should raise awareness among people about this issue.

Surgery for Corruption I: This is the biggest problem. The youth of today have accepted corruption as a normal course of business. I would like to take you 100 years back. At that time, people had accepted subjugation to British Rule as a normal course of life and they didn't ever think that they could liberate. Then there was Mangal Pandey, there was Chandra Shekhar Azad, and there was Mahatma Gandhi. These people enabled people to liberate. The giant woke up and we achieved what we wanted. We need such people again. We need such people who can change the thinking of people again.

Kratika: The Government should check that the work is done speedily and people are not forced to pay bribe for getting things done, which is their Right. Greed can never be satisfied. We can't remove corruption, because people have so much greed. We can only motivate people that they should not adopt corruption.

I: How long will you give sermons and motivational talks? This is the time to do something. There must be some action. Take a lesson from medical profession.

The doctors give medicine. If it doesn't cure, they ultimately perform a surgery. It's time to do surgery.

Kratika: The Government should check what's going in the department. Common people should start sting operations.

Amit: The Government cannot do anything. It comes only to grab power for 5 years. It doesn't care to bring massive changes.

I: How to start surgery? There are rating agencies for business organizations. They should also rate government departments on the basis of corruption and bring out a list of the most corrupt departments. Thereafter there should be surgery. Close the department /s, which is/are the most corrupt, completely.
Amit: Then who will do our work? Suppose if it's income tax department, who will raise revenue for the Government?

I: The world is not going to end on closure of a few departments. If income tax department is one such department, which is the most corrupt, close this department. You can evolve new options like transaction tax and raise the required funds.

Amit: This will create unemployment.

I: The Government is not for creating employment. The Government is there for ensuring smooth governance. If the Government does not interfere and stop people from doing what they can do, India will again emerge as a great country. Every Indian is first of all an entrepreneur. It is we who encourage common people to join government services and become a Babu. His capabilities get stunted and he ends up his life as just a clerk.

Amit: The main problem is that we are not selecting right people as our representatives. If right people come to power, corruption will be removed.

I: That will require state funding of elections. We have to create a system, where right people can come forward and join politics for serving the nation. As long as people come to power on someone else's money, they are puppets and fail to assert what they can do. Right people should come and remain right.

Amit: We are hopeless. If a right person comes to power, he would become the wrong person in the system.

Kratika: We should use the latest technologies in selecting the right candidates. The candidates, who apply for an MLA or MP post, are all those people who are able to get the post because of family links or due to their connection to the top people in the party. They are not selected on the basis of their commitment to people.
I: The solution is possible if we are willing to take bold decisions. If two departments are completely closed down, all departments will take a lesson and improve. Civil society should come forward. If the Government doesn't close the department, the civil society should take initiative to close the department and boycott it.

If these are the classroom discussions amongst students, then there is more hope to see valid discussions amongst mature individuals of our society, which can result in practical methods that can end corruption.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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