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Political Craps : A Call for Reform

In mid-April I shall release my latest and perhaps most controversial book, Political Craps. For over three decades my primary focus has been on American politics. Having served 11 political campaigns on both sides of the aisle, worked on Capitol Hill as an LBJ congressional intern, been a White House Fellow nominee, received a double BA in History & Political Science as well as studied East Asian political affairs while serving as a Rotary International Graduate Scholar in Australia, my life-long pursuit of excellence in government affairs is well established. America's present political debacle of congressional dysfunction and partisan polarization in the face of emerging domestic and international crises demands an urgent resolution. Consequently, I have written this book as a wakeup call for American citizens.

My hope is to inspire others to action. As the United States steams into the second decade of the twenty-first century, the American ship of state at times seems to plow through unchartered waters rudderless and uncertain about its port of call. Staunch ideological divides, an economy in transition, and a populace desperately seeking solutions are the hallmarks of America today. The nation looks towards its elected leaders for answers and only finds intransience that fails to address their concerns. Furthermore, such gridlock threatens to squander America's economic/political credibility in a world that can ill afford such a power vacuum.

My message to America in Political Craps is "Get Informed. Get Involved. Just Get It! Politics Affects You!" I have chosen the word "craps" for three major reasons. First, the nation is tired of all "the crap" that is being slung about between political parties, the elected officials seen as spokespersons for their party platforms, between the executive and legislative branches of government, and the resulting expanding chasm that has created public distrust in them all.

Secondly, when the voter considers that roughly 1,000 officials decide the fate of millions, then remaining uninformed and uninvolved is a dangerous betting game of "craps." Such an irresponsible course of action becomes increasingly dangerous for the fate of democracy when the game is rigged with "loaded dice". The wielding of undue influence on the People's representatives through lobbying and campaign financing has created an unfair advantage for those who are given easy access because of monetary incentives.
political craps,a call for reform
Thirdly, I made the word "craps" an acronym for which the following subjects are discussed:
  • Compromise - historical precept of the USA, strict adherence to dogma leads to intransience, "when did compromise become capitulation?" Safe seats & partisan control of redistricting are dangerous to democracy, party vs. nation-preferences of leadership direction.
  • Rancor - debate & partisan competition are healthy but vitriolic character assassination/negative campaigning aren't what people want and lead to dysfunction rather than practical problem solving of the nation's crises, historical differences between then & now.
  • Affluence - USA needs a new class of leaders - leaders rather than partisan ideologues, bold rather than inept/biased lobbying legislation, citizens united & comprehensive campaign finance reform, an end to "revolving door" lobbyists, national voting procedural standards vs. state-by-state criteria.
  • Policy - ACA/ "Obamacare" & Debt Ceiling Debate - international comparisons, historical comparison & contrast, "fixing vs. nixing", socio/economic/political ramifications both domestically & internationally.
  • Stupidity - uninformed voting in this age of information technology, apathy, acceptance of status quo as irreparable, people have no control, the denial of personal responsibility by the voters & elected representatives, ignorance of concept that in politics perception is reality, public's tolerance of unethical behavior, voters' failure to hold elected officials accountable.

Finally, I highlight several noteworthy items in "Current Events Have Consequences" to demonstrate that recent developments point to a transcendental moment in American history that will shape the nation's future for potentially decades to come. Now is the time for the voters to demand change and insure necessary reforms through their decisions at the ballot box. Failure to choose elected representatives that place national interests above partisan dogmas may well result in an irreparable decline of economic prosperity, educational excellence, and global preeminence as the stabilizing geo-political power. History is replete with examples of great nation states that sat idly by, resting on the laurels of their past achievements, as the tides of change overtook them and left them behind in the rubble of their blind arrogance and foolish apathy. As a patriotic freedom loving American, I cannot quietly accept the status quo as the mediocre standard by which my generation will be judged.

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