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Ad is a start-up which is unique, brilliant, and definitely a fresh idea for the market. These days everything is available online for the customers to purchase. Clothes, gadgets, accessories can be easily purchased through internet; then why not bathroom fittings? This was the idea that came in the mind of our brilliant entrepreneur who started a company online which sells various types of bathroom fittings to people from the comfort of their home or offices.

A huge range of products in bathroom fittings can be purchased in just a few clicks. is associated with various leading brands like Jaguar and Cera to provide the best products to the customers and also ensure the quality. The man behind this amazing project, Mr. Sunoop Balaraman says that he wanted to do something new and creative which will help in delivering better service to customers.,unique,fresh idea not only provides variety in the products but also in the prices so that the customer can select the best products under his budget. According to Mr. Balaraman, it is very important to be able to carry complete responsibilities of the business if you want to be an entrepreneur as it is your duty to ensure that everything in business runs smoothly and there are no bottlenecks in the process.

After working for some leading brands like Airtel, Aircel and GETIT, he says that entrepreneurship provides you the sense of freedom and responsibility that a job cannot offer. According to him, entrepreneurship helps in strengthening our abilities and providing healthy competition to big industries.

He says that he enjoys his work immensely and recommends entrepreneurship to the young generation who have the zeal, and who want to do things their own way and be their own boss.
We appreciate Souhard and Kashish from IU1010 for sharing this brilliant inspiring Story with us.

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