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Clinging to that belief!

They say that one can lie to anyone and everyone in this world but not to oneself. Is that true? You can hide things from anyone but not yourself because the truth lies inside there. Our soul knows, our conscience knows the hardest truths rooted deep inside. So, there’s no other go than facing them. At times, you cannot express your feelings outside nor keep them inside either. 'Then, what do we do?' is the question.

You cry out aloud in a closed room, cry silently lying on your couch, start updating your status wherever possible or even try sharing it with your close friends. But all these can only soothen you for few moments. When things are going far beyond control, always give a little time for you to calm down and think. The worst of the feelings to the best can easily flow on a paper. That’s because it’s your paper, your diary’s paper, your asset. The best thing one can do at that point of time is to talk with conscience because none other knows you better than yourself (not even your twin I mean). Give it a casual and an easy flow; you try; you definitely would feel lighter! That’s because the paper would have become heavier with feelings. Moreover, if you would love to shout at it you can because it doesn’t even shout back at you! ;)
Clinging to that belief!
Many a times our expectations of what had to happen and what really happens might not sink in depth. But whatever happens is always for good is what we got to believe. Sometimes, what we expect to happen might happen in a whole new different way and ultimately match our expectations. Give your best to meet the ends, you never know!! If it happens your way, great; no comments, just splendid! If not, take the learnings from that lesson and just walk ahead.

Whatever happens with you is not always what you deserved; life just wants you to take up the test! Things mostly depend on the intensity of belief! Just that our beliefs must be strong enough and clinging to that belief till the nth moment is very much important! Don’t expect it to happen, have faith in your belief! In the climax, what you lost earlier would definitely come back to you if you believed in it strongly. Let your feelings be truthful and genuine! Keep filling your pot of efforts clinging to one deepest and smallest belief; the universe can’t snatch it from you anymore & shall definitely reward you with that!!!!!! :) 

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Aashitha R Pade
Aashitha R Pade is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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