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They reject on your face, yet salute them

In life, on our destined journey that we plan, ideate, think and work to achieve something has some rejections. We fail to achieve what we want. These rejections are from situations, actions and people. The interesting part is that failure gives us learning which is in the form of feedback. But the catch is in the rejections that we get from different people; people with whom we work, play and who are all around us. They reject. However, the rejection style which people have is different to different people. Few reject on our face and few on our back. Those who reject on face, give them a salute. 

They do not have any reason to pull you back. In a way, they are nice to you and as feedback they are direct and easy to understand. Your time doesn’t get wasted in thinking and over-thinking on what wrong you have done. They give a reason to improve. And those who don’t give, you should ignore and avoid them because these negators will kill you silently and slowly.

Those who are reject on your face may hate your work but not you. Yes, they will criticize you on some moments but that again will help you understand where you lack. 
They reject on your face, yet salute them, destined journey, rejection
But those who are not on your face are dangerous because they are the back stabbers. Even if you are open to these criticizers, still they won’t tell your mistakes genuinely. In fact, they will hate and not really care about how you work. They will not even appreciate your good work and find faults even in your best. If you talk to them, they won’t tell your mistakes specifically and even try to put some doubt or confusion (meme) in your mind. Avoid and Ignore. These are the doubts which will kill your self-esteem, confidence and belief. You deserve better things and you can do anything for achieving them. Those who are on your face are your criticizers who will tell you (either today or tomorrow) “Dude, you suck at this!” and not make a gossip amongst others and create an issue about it. They may not love you as a person but also won't have any hatred. Salute! They won't harm you.

And then there are these goody-goody ones who will be nice to you on your face, but will keep back stabbing you. You may share food and cloth with them as they are the dearest friends of yours not knowing that they are killing your soul each day. Keep distance, avoid and run away from them. On doing this they might bark and bite you but ignore and stay away. And once you do this, then over the time these negators will forget about you and their attention will be diverted to someone else who will become their next target whom they will again bully and confuse. This cycle keeps continuing.

So, we should not worry about these things and keep doing our work sincerely. Empty your mind and focus. That’s what you should and can do. We, as people are not other people's imagination but an image of our own good work and actions. Just doing our work may get us rejections, but over the long run perfection can be attained (to a certain level). Don’t worry, it’s okay to make mistakes as nobody is perfect. But we need to be humble enough to take our criticism positively. Remember - 'Success is 99% failure'. So, we should not think about our rejections, and also critics who are not clear about our errors in their criticizing. Plan, do your work, fail, learn from your mistakes and move on. We should not waste our time over thinking and self questioning. Just keep going. Almost everything is a part of rejection game. We are all playing it. The key to it is just stick to the game.
Rejection - The more you get the more you learn on how to play it better. Rejections are filters; ust different levels, which will make you, deserve the kind of success you want. So, as Sir Richard Branson says - Screw it, and Just Do It, and achieve all the good things you want in your life.

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Abhijit Chakraborty
Abhijit Chakraborty is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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