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If you left this Earth today...

You just had a bad day. You dropped your coffee this morning. You missed your train or bus. It's raining outside. A family member passed. May be you got fired. You're down in the dumps after these things happen to you on a given day, admit it. But that's no reason to mope and beat yourself up more. Tomorrow is a new day -- a clean slate in which you can start anew. Wake up and take control of the new day. Sounds easy right? Unfortunately, sometimes it isn't as easy as it sounds to motivate yourself after a down-day. Some of us humans, human as we are, have trouble detaching ourselves from tragedies and mishaps. 

For starters, it's important to remember the tiring cliches repeated to us throughout our youth (and yes, even though you hate hearing them in repetition, they are true), like "life goes on," "life has its ups and downs" and "there's always rain before rainbows" or something along those lines. Training yourself to remember that the battle you're fighting now will lead to a reward is an essential ingredient of self motivation. 

To get a little more indelicate (for those of you who have extreme trouble motivating yourself, this is for you), think about what the world would be like if you died today. First, think of how those you knew would remember you. Did you give them enough to remember? Were there things left unsaid? How long would they mourn for? What would they miss most? Then, think about the world around you. How long would your obituary be? Would you make the news? How easily would your job replace you? Would the clubs/organizations you were a part of replace you? Who would visit your grave? 
If you left this Earth today...
Lastly, think of yourself, looking up at that perennial white light at the end of your life; did you do all you wanted to do? Did you leave your mark? Did you confess everything to be confessed? Profess everything to be professed? Spread enough love and knowledge? Will your name be remembered somewhere in history? Forget about the money you made and lost. Disregard the material things you acquired, because those things don't follow you into the afterlife. 

If you answered "no" or "not enough" to any of the aforementioned questions, then you better get working now. An effective way to motivate yourself is to think of all that you haven't done yet. Sure, certain endeavors take time, and being patient can be hard too, but if one really wants to achieve those endeavors, progressless days must become a thing of the past. Now, this philosophy shouldn't suggest you to constantly think about the hour of your death, but rather about your influence on those you interact with on a daily basis. When you speak, speak with the kindness and eloquence you know you're capable of. When you act, act with the consciousness that your every action could have a lasting impression on those around you. And when you love, simply love hard. After all, life really is too short (another cliche, yes) to waste time doing such things without your whole heart involved in it. 
Discouragement is fine. It's OK to feel that feeling. You're a human, you should feel every feeling your conscience has to offer. But certain feelings don't need to linger. Sadness and discouragement have enjoyed their stay in your mind long enough; it's time to kick them to the curb. If you have time by yourself during the day, don't shy away from talking to yourself, telling yourself you can do it. Yes, tell out loud to yourself, just try it. "I can do it, I can complete this project, ace this test, conquer this interview, overcome this depression." I can promise you that is the first step of motivating yourself and being a better you.

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Francis Kilinski
Francis Kilinski is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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