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Is Inspiration Hard to Come By?

Is there ever a time where you find yourself lacking the motivation to do something? The want to complete that thing is there, but it isn't put you into action? What you need to do is find inspiration. There can be times where the inspiration for a certain task is hard to come by. But giving up solves nothing. The thing many of us forget to do is search for that inspiration. When we search, the inspiration will eventually reveal itself. 

You might lose faith in yourself after having some bad luck. You might feel as though there is no answer for why the bad things that have been happening are happening. Sometimes the mishaps of your life are cause by your own doing, and it takes a lot to accept that. But there are certain things that are out of your control as well, which you must also accept.
Is Inspiration Hard to Come By?
The inspiration you're looking for is everywhere. It requires a deep presence of mind; having the ability to delve deeper into certain areas of life is a skill that takes much practice, but once this practice is perfected, anything is possible. For example, let's say your significant other broke up with you. Sitting around depressed will not get you anywhere. Exposing your mind to new things after a deflating thing in your life is the first step on the road back to happiness. If you aren't an outdoors-type of person, take a walk in the park. Leaving your comfort zone will only lead to something better. This is where you will find the inspiration you need. The birds singing, the blue sky, the other people enjoying the beautiful day... it is almost guaranteed that exposing yourself to these simple pleasures will trigger something in your mind to think more positively:

"This park is so peaceful, these people in this park are so happy, nature is in so harmonic," you will tell yourself, and you will wonder why you aren't happy with your life. You will wonder why you should even be sad with all the beauty around you. Even if you haven't gone through something depressing and want to find inspiration - to write a song, a book, film a movie, try something new. Donate clothing, attend a peace protest, take a trip to the gym. The spontaneity of your choice will determine your inspiration. The gravity of that moment when you see how the world around you works and how important your progress is to the world's turning is breathtaking. Inspiration is realizing that the world is missing out on something when your mind isn't producing ideas, when your heart isn't sharing feelings. 
Looking deeper into the meanings of things can not only inspire you, but give you experience and share wisdom to inspire those around you. Inspiration is contagious. Finding it in yourself to make yourself happy through your actions will rub off on those around you, especially when they see how good you are doing for yourself. Don't sulk or ask for pity. Show others why they should add art to the canvas, that is this world. Be the one who sparks the imagination in someone to change the way we live in a positive way. 

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