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The Journey Of Taking Up Challenges!

When the sun showed up on the horizon of Kutch, it was a Monday morning that was born to be memorable. It was time for an adventure which was only dreamt. Dreaming has now become my full-time profession and as I sit on a chair with the coffee mug, I drift back to my journey of adventures I have lived in the last 8 months. There was a day, when I happened to virtually meet Mr. Sujit Lalwani and I believe that moment had much more than I could see at that time. As time elapsed, my dreams got much more clarity and many turned out toto take forms in reality!

I jumped on a flight of Inspiration! And I have been a passenger of the flight for last 8 months working as an Inspirational Journalist for the No.1 Inspirational eMagazine which goes by the name “Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine” (IUeMag in short). Starting with face-to-face interviews of people around the city to now having interviewed via the medium of Skype, Emails, and Telephone of inspiring personalities from 17 foreign cities along with almost all the states and metro-cities of India, it's been an exciting journey.

Being an Inspirational Journalist also needs Inspiration! This was experienced when the inspiration imparted by the IU team proved out to ignite a new light in me every time and the results were seen in my work. This concludes that Inspiration is what drives this WORLD. I, now, believe that once imparted inspiration the world will surely show the impact; the impact witnessed will not only prove beneficial for oneself but this influences others with an energy called POWER!!
The Journey Of Taking Up Challenges!
Having learnt these technicalities of life, I took up another challenge to spread this Inspiration which was imparted to me by my mentors. I took up SPEAKING OUT!! The only question on my mind would be - “Why do people just waste their time and resources rather than doing something productive for their career?” in the search of this answer, I landed upon a dream to being an Inspirational Speaker. This was extremely essential and the only way to spread the POWER.

I believe that young minds of this day are filled with energies which can light the world with innumerable possibilities if given opportunities. These opportunities do exist but validate only for the Hungry. Hence the verdict being - Ignition Of Hunger! This inspired me to go out to the children and young minds bearing the seriousness of their career without the fire ignited.  It was time to help them find a matchbox to originate this fire!

Realising the time, I am shaken out of my dreamland with the empty mug of coffee. And then, I made my way to inspire 100+ students at Sadhu Vaswani International School, Kutch, Gujarat.
I could see the glow in their eyes for the need of my speaking out to them as a guide to their challenges to reach what they dreamt of. The experience was just terrific with the hall filled with energy that could literally shake mountains. Some students came up to me expressing their pleasure having heard the words of wisdom.

I have taken a step and made my efforts to make this world a better place. Have you?

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IJ Anita Tejwani
IJ Anita Tejwani is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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