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10 Content Creation Tips

1. Attention Grabbing Quotes: Quotes have the power to steal the attention of any eye. Choose or make quote images that are visually appealing and convey a sentiment that readers can connect with.

2. Recommendations: Recommend things your audience can benefit from, and quickly explain why it is helpful.

3. Celebrate Company Milestones: Has it been a year since you launched a major project? Have you hired a new team member? Has it been six years since you founded your business? Share your accomplishments with your fans. Your audience will likely enjoy celebrating with you.

4. Plan a Campaign: Find a themed day or month that aligns with your niche and plan a campaign. Creative content keeps the audience hooked. 

5. Facts/Tips: Social media moves fast and changes even faster, but there’s still advice that never changes. Share those timeless tips. 

6. Giveaways and Contests: Giveaways and contests almost always get big engagement. They’re an opportunity to encourage fans, followers and others to share your content, link or social profile.

10 Content Creation Tips
7. Interview Staff Members: Sneak peeks are always fun for your audience because they like to get to know the people behind the brand.

8. Jokes and Light-hearted Posts: Most social networks (with the exception of LinkedIn) welcome humor and offbeat updates. Jokes, funny images and other light-hearted posts are usually well received and end up with increased engagement.

9. Link to Useful Content: Links are the lifeblood of Internet, and a fair number of posts on social networks include them. As with everything, it’s best to find a balance.

10. Thank Someone Who Helped Out: Have you had someone go above and beyond what you expected? It feels so good when someone gives you great customer service or helps you solve a nagging problem. Social media thank-yous are particularly appreciated because they act as testimonials.
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