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We are pleased to inform that like every year once again Don Bosco Institute of technology is organizing a national level management fest - “PROTHSAAHAN 2015” which is in turn lifting up spirits of youth and their management skills. This time, with extra events, extra entertainment, extra spirits the fest will be happening on 30th and 31st of March, 2015.

Details of each event are listed as below;


1. Samshodhana (product launch): A debut of a product into the market. The product launch signifies the point at which consumers have the first access to a new product.

  • Time limit: 5+1 mins
  • 2 members in a team
  • Product is based on the choice of students
  • Powerpoint presentation is compulsory
  • 2 copies (hard & soft) of the product launch should be submitted at the time of reporting
  • No vulgarity
Event coordinators: Prof. Rakesh N - 7829768913
Nayaz Rahman - 9591673017
Monisha KL - 8861813491
PROTHSAAHAN 2015, Management Fest
2. Koushalya (logo ad shooting): In this event a logo is to be designed by the participants and similar to it an ad is to be shot and the video clip shall be presented.

  • 3 in a team
  • Product shall be decided by the team itself
  • New logo to be designed
  • AD should be a new concept and should not exceed 2 mins
  • Crowd funding will also be the criteria for the final round selection
  • College premises can be used for AD shooting if required
Event coordinators: Prof Harish R - 9886067692
Sandesh T M - 9972999719
Kavana - 8147279994

3. Medhavi (business quiz): Here is the platform to check one’s GK and business knowledge; all sorts of brain storming will be done.

  • 2 members per team
  • Team will be short listed based on written test (preliminary round)
  • Detailed rules will be announced prior to each round
Event coordinators: Prof. Shashi Kumar – 9449794337
Subrahmanya V Hegde – 9738256714
Swathi S – 8095370413

4. Subhasha (marketing event): This event is to test one’s marketing skills and knowledge about marketing and the market.

  • 3 members in a team
  • Laptop is mandatory
  • Personal marketing skills will be showcased
  • Participants will go through various rounds
Event coordinators: Prof. Harish R - 9886067692
Shwetha R – 9663297773
Prashanth Kumar – 7022152138

5. Chanakya (finance event): This event focuses on the accountability of a business/firm. The financial knowledge will be tested here.

  • 2 members in a team
  • Participants need to go through various rounds
  • Laptop is mandatory
Event coordinators: Prof. Shyam sundar- 9886316522
Rangaswamy- 8748055771
Chandini- 8792541597

6. Sambhandha (HR event): Human Resource is the main source for any business to run successfully. A business should have  good HR management. Hence this event focuses on the HR skills,

  • 2 members in a team
  • 4 rounds: one of the rounds will be collage
  • All the participants should get their resumes
  • No materials will be given and theme shall be revealed at the time of competition
  • No colour papers and scissors are allowed
Event coordinators: Prof. Shubha -8861222990
Nandini K- 8123277451
Suhani chavda - 9738971171

7. Shringarika (Corporate fashion show): Fashion show is not only for the ethnicity, elegance, and party time but here the ramps flaunt with corporate wears.

  • 8+2 members in a team
  • Participants should get their music CD’s
  • Materials required for the contest must be bought by the contestants themselves
  • Registration fee Rs. 500/- per team
Event coordinator: Prof. Shubha - 8861222990
&Neelam Yadav - 7676454325
Monish - 9008665673

8. Samartha (Best manager): As the name says, to be the best manager one should have certain important skills, where he/she will be scrutinized to be decided as the best manager.

  • Individual event
  • Profile of participant has to be submitted on or before 27th of March
  • Laptop is mandatory
Event coordinator: Prof. Bhagyalakshmi - 9538727843
&Raghu Kiran – 8762966037
&Harsha K – 9620168424

9. Kaarika Yojana (business plan): To start a business/ to be the best entrepreneur one should have the best plan which clears the gap of societal needs. One best business plan will be selected at the end of the event.

  • 3 in a team
  • Laptop is mandatory
  • PPT shall be prepared by the teams
  • Business plan shall not be a copied one
Event coordinators: Prof. Rakesh - 7829768913
  Sharath Kumar - 9743481905
  Nava Chethana – 9663322724

10. Nidhi Anveshana (treasure hunt):

  • 2 in a team
  • Registration fee per team is Rs. 200/-
  • Rules and regulations will be disclosed during the event
Event coordinators: Prof. Harish- 9886067692
Sunil C – 872261417
Vijay S – 9886817092
11. Vallakanduka (galli cricket):

  • 6 members per team
  • Entry fee - Rs. 400/- per team
  • 5 overs match
  • Rest of the rules will be disclosed on the day of the event
  • Winners will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs. 10,000/-
We, whole heartedly wish to invite you all for these two days of learning, enjoying, and competing fest of DON BOSCO INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, organized by the DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES & RESEARCH.

Call us for more information:

Event coordinators: Kiran - 9986519972
Prabhu - 8892886629
Suraj - 7829214651
Madhav - 8050818770
Harish – 9686811024


Date: March 30th (Monday) @ 14:00 hrs

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