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Carol Lin - Script to Saga!

“No dream is too small to be laughed upon and no dream is too big to achieve,” says Carol Lin, 40, born in Kedah, Malaysia.

In 1998 she found her career at one of the major bookstores in Malaysia and self-funded her Diploma in Travel Management. “Although I was “swimming” in the pool of books every day, I felt that my dream of becoming a published author seemed a lot far,” she says.

With steady income and cosy working environment, she feels about herself becoming the frog that swam comfortably in the pot of slowly boiling water. She kept up with her passion of reading and writing along with earning. After spending 12 years in the bookstore, an opportunity came and knocked on the door which opened to a new life. “I made a major decision in life by quitting my job and ventured into a publishing house – something totally new to me,” she smiles feeling glad about the decision to jump out of the boiling water and expanding her horizon to an adventures journey.

However, dreams and reality can be very different at times. Working in the publishing house was the time where she began to ghost write for other people and happened to write more than ten books both in English and Mandarin. Also, during these three years of working with the publishing house, she learnt most of the trade secrets. Ghost writing gave her valuable opportunities to learn from the successful people. “It’s not often we get a chance to meet the top guns from big corporations, let alone hearing them to share their never-told-before stories in person. Besides, it also sharpened my writing skills. Most importantly, it served as the driving force for me to write my own book,” she narrates. Then she adds saying, “I really wanted to write something from my heart. Something that carried my signature, my true feelings – something about ME,” says Carol.
Carol Lin - Script to Saga!
Meanwhile, her first book which was entitled “Global Malaysian Brands” got launched in 2012. It was collaborated with her publisher. Carol interviewed three companies that have successfully gone global and did an in-depth writing on their stories which took almost a year. This book aims to inspire more people to chase after their dreams by referring to the good values shared by those successful people.

Since the companies she interviewed are successful major players in the Malaysian business scene, she needed to make sure all details presented in the book were accurate at the time of publication. “It took me a great deal of time in doing researches and getting approvals from the companies on what I’ve written. But today I feel proud of having overcome all the challenges and the book was successfully published,” she mentions with the feeling of gratitude on her turning an author from a ghost writer.

Carol narrates, “Once, a city kid visited my countryside hometown and was stunned when he saw the real chicken for the first time. He couldn’t imagine how real chicken looks like as all he knew about them were those he used to eat at KFC. This made me realise how much today’s children are ignorant about the real world. People are over addicted and have become slaves to their electronic gadgets. They can spend hours looking and clicking on the small screens, ignoring the chance to communicate with the people or their loved ones around them. And this ignited in me the idea and need of writing a Mandarin book on childhood games.”

Carol has many happy memories of her childhood growing up in a small town where she didn't experience technology during that time and all the games they played taught the good values of communication, sharing, teamwork and love. The valuable social skills which shapes one to become positive and healthy adults were learnt.

With these thoughts in mind, she decided to put down the ideas in words. However, due to her busy schedule as the Chief Editor in the publishing house, she was left with no choice but to postpone and control the ideas growing on her every day.

“Until one day, I asked myself: “If not now, when?”  With that, I made another major decision in life – to become a full time writer,” she mentions with pride. Following this decision, the dream of her first Mandarin book, was born to shine in July 2014 which got a favourable response as many readers could relate, rekindle and revisite their childhood through Carol’s stories. Post this victorious dream she was invited to share her story at various schools at Malaysia which then ignited in her the dream to grow as an inspirational speaker.

“I’m excited, blessed and honoured to be given chances and platforms to speak and share my stories. I always believe sharing is caring. I hope my sharing would serve as inspiration for others to follow their hearts and chase after their dreams too,” says Carol, a full-time dreamer now!!
Quitting a well-paid job to pursue her dream of becoming a published author came with varying challenges like financial issues, doubtful looks from the people around, sarcasm but with determination, she successfully pulled it through. “Although it’s still a long way to go, but I am sure that someday when I look back, I would have no regrets for I’ve followed my heart and did what’s needed,” she smiles.

Feeling that everything has come to the best points in her life she talks about the people who have played prominent roles in her journey so far. “My late mother always supported every decision I took. Some of them might cause her worries, yet she would always bless me. Hugging and telling your mom “I love you” is not a common practice especially in this part of the world, but I’m glad I’ve done that. Even though I miss her dearly, but I’ve no regrets. I’m glad I made her proud by being a loving daughter,” she recalls. She has a group of friends and the team of School of Charisma who have inspired her to go beyond the horizons and accomplish new achievements in life.

“I would seize every opportunity to speak up and share my stories. Success is not measured by how many great things we have done, but the courage to take the first step in materializing our dreams. We only live once, so make sure - live a good one and leave a legacy,”- Carol Lin.

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