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Genesis of Life

Taking pleasure in small things,
Beneath a nest of stars, untroubled wings.
A candy lighting up the eyes,
Face that can outshine the sun in skies!
Oh, yes! Glorious were the days of childhood.
Believing in the tales like the little Red Riding Hood!  
 Genesis of Life, Cherish Childhood Days
Innocence is the essence,
Vibrant is their presence.
Mouth full of questions,
With no hidden intentions.
Oh, yes! Beautiful are the memories,
Holding together all the melodies.

The joy of playing in the rising swings,
Believing in queens and kings.
There is joy, laughter and trust,
Small but just!
Oh, yes! Carefree were those days,
Proudly wearing dad's badge of praise!   

Dolls and cars and play,
They want it all and in their own way!
Fussy with homeworks,
Playing with food and forks.
That is what we all did, didn't we?
He, she, they, you and me...

Childhood weren’t days,
They were an experience.
Grow, but don’t let the child in you die,
Never follow, always ask what, when, where and why!
Cherishable are the people,
Live like the child, for when we go down, we are all equal.

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