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A collection of poems that inspire & share a powerful message for betterment of humanity.



Racing within, wrapping each breath
Making me out of breath, chocking
Gulping the dreams, inculcating the gloom
Curbing all imaginations, blocking
And crawling like a serpentine
Lethal, cruel and serene
Yet loud as a roar and dark as smoke
Peace, belief and faith
My inner self is getting parted
And all my beliefs and faith are getting departed
My soul is screaming and trying to stay
But I am getting thrown by me, away far away
And within me I can see me dying
And holding my corpse, crying
Yet willing to rise from ashes like a phoenix
And willing to end my fears and failures
I wish to kill the happiness and murder the sorrow
To sit in the lap of absolute; nothing relative,
Beyond desires or accomplishments
Beyond the world of ephemeral sentiments
I wish to swim in the ocean of eternity
Beyond smiles or tears, beyond life or death
To end my mortal half and rest in peace...

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Abhishek Singh Rathore
An engineer by profession and a thinker by avocation.

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