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I bet you shall take action after reading this

14 MOST Powerful feelings/situations we all go through that show "TAKING ACTION" is above everything else when it comes to achieving great dreams & living a fulfilling LIFE. Take Action to read further NOW!
My life started from a very different state to where I belong today. I belonged to an average middle class family in my childhood where making ends meet, having a annual trip to native, buying few clothes on the festival of lights, spending hours together with family and having a TV at home were the biggest luxuries that we had.

The greatest goal I had until I was in school was to ensure I scored well and passed my exams with a quality rank in class or scores that would make my parents proud and make me stand somewhere among the best of the class (top 3/top 5). Today traveling the world, setting up enterprises, making the most impossible things happen, eradicating problems of society with ideas that engage masses are some of the priorities that are on top of my mind. The journey from being an ordinary chatter box to a speaker that is influencing top young leaders of the world has shown me the things that I believe are certainly undeniably applicable for anyone who wishes to be more, do more and achieve more. Among all the reasons for my success I believe the phrase that stands out is "TAKING ACTION".
Take Action
The 14 reasons why I believe it’s the most important phrase that has guided me till here and shall guide me further are

1. All dreams that you once thought you wanted to achieve that aren’t on your dreams list at all anymore are because you didn’t take action after envisioning them, even to begin your planning on getting there. In short, You didn’t take action.

2. The movies that you badly wish to watch but always see them go out of screening in theatres by the time you decide to watch is because you could never set out a time that was just right for you to watch. In short, You didn’t take action.

3. The holiday you always wanted to take is something you still keep it in your bucket list is simply because you always think something is missing before you can actually make it for that special holiday. In short, You haven’t still taken action.

4. The dresses you wish to buy always go out of fashion or out of stock because you keep them on your dream list longer than they can last in fashion or in stock. In short, You don’t choose to act.

5. The friends you want to meet up stop responding or don’t believe in your warmth of friendship anymore as strong as they once did because the gap between the meeting you plan up is longer than the time the warmth can last of your last moments spent with them. In short, You don’t take action.

6. The book that you always wanted to read is either not bought or is in your shelf with a few pages read, because you always seem to have less time to complete it than it needs or planning for the perfect time when you give time to it at one stretch and one go but haven’t really taken action on that ever. In short, You didn’t ever have time to take action.

7. You are ruled by assumptions, uncertainties, ambiguities because there are so many things you still don’t feel clear about with your boss, colleagues, family or friends and you haven’t ever taken action on speaking it out and setting things right to either know they aren’t on your side or otherwise. In short, You prefer ‘no action’.

8. You are yet to start up that BIG IDEA you have because every time you wish to start you still feel that there is a level that you dream to see it at, & that still needs a lot of your time and that you will one day make that much time and then it shall materialise exactly as you have dreamt. You keep thinking and talking this, when the truth is that you haven’t taken action to even finish the basic steps of the dream involved at all and there is no way the bigger things can ever happen without those first few steps. In short, You didn’t act enough.

9. You aren’t confident of so many things that you wish to do because you haven’t taken action to build the skill sets and abilities that you know you need before your dreams can happen for you. In short, You fear taking action.

10. You don’t have resources or people you need, to achieve what you wish to, because you haven’t taken action to build them for yourself. In short, You haven’t acted.
11. Past failures keep haunting you each time you want to do something, making you feel the fear of failing, more than the desire to achieve your dreams can move you forward to act because you haven’t taken action to introspect and learn what you didn’t know then, or pushed yourself to forget them and start all over again or just put the right things in place for a fresh start because staying as a loser is way easier than taking action. In short, You don’t wanna take action.

12. Time seems to be running out and Life seems to moving faster than you thought, for all that you wished to do and the right time for everything that you are about to do seems to have gone by. It has hence ended up killing your spirit to do the stuff you wished to because now you feel it’s too late, for, you haven’t taken action each time you wished to do something at some point in time in past when time was just ‘right’. In short, You feel there isn’t a point taking action.

13. Your health is lowering by the day, you don’t have stamina you once had, you don’t have the zeal you once enjoyed for life, you are losing the vision you once had for the life you wished to live because you haven’t taken action on making yourself happier, healthier and stronger. In short, You feel time to take action has gone by.

14. Last but not the least you are reading this line and reached till here in this article because you took action to read. This action that you took is making you feel extremely powerful with absolute clarity in thoughts and now you can relate to all that you know had gone wrong and realisations are staring you in the eye. This clarity is bringing back all the lost dreams and igniting the fire in you at this moment that needs no more education to make great things happen. Even this feeling is a result of the action you took to read the whole thing and hence you cannot deny that “taking action” to do just about anything is the most important phrase to achieve all that you desire and dream. In short, You chose to act and you need to choose it over and over again.

I believe that action, whether small or big, is the stepping stone to completed to-do lists and those completed to-do lists are the stepping stones to glories and a great stories. I would like to quote here Siim Land, a good friend of mine, who says "You must always be eager to seek opportunities where you could do something that would take you closer to your goal. It’s an exercise and a mental rehearsal to identify ways of taking action (Learn how to start taking action in life)."

I had written this article, on my list for 6 months now and if I hadn’t taken this action, thousands of inspired minds towards action that are committing to so many dreams, plans, ideas & lists of theirs wouldn’t be a reality.

I look forward to hearing from you. Do take action to comment below and share your thoughts/feelings that shall otherwise go back with you & eventually end up never connecting us. I so look forward to connecting to you, your thoughts and your lists of action.

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