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Join in for creating a smarter planet - Smart Cities Asia 2016

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Smart Cities Asia 2016 Conference and Exhibition is a 2-day event that showcases all the stakeholder and partners in collaboration in making this future a reality. This event will offer you a unique perspective on some of the most talked about issues revolving smart cities in Asia and emerging trends to help industry professionals identify and rationalize their infrastructure investment.
Smart Cities
Smart Cities Asia will provide a platform for public private partnership working in tandem in specific areas of the spectrum hence to meet, share experiences, raise issues and find solutions together to make Smart Cities in Asia a global role model.

Asia is home to a large portion of the world’s biggest and fastest-growing developing urban areas and the technology available today is turning into a critical component of their future improvement. To abstain from pushing local and global frameworks to the point of breakdown, cities will need to grow into smarter, efficient and proficient in years to come. Cities across Asia are beginning to actualize technology with aggregate interest and this is expected to bring an anticipated revenue that will reach US $ 63.4 billion from now until 2023

Smart cities has considerably grown over the past few years and the presence of IoT and connected devices has increased the opportunity in the development of future smart cities. System integration solution providers is an integral part in the IoT smart cities services segment. The increasing integration of ICT and IoT with different industries is considered as the primary driver influencing the growth of the IoT in smart cities services market.

Asia-Pacific, the Middle East & Africa’s growth will provide opportunities for key players due to the large-scale infrastructure development and growing number of smart city projects.

Asia is a frontier of growth and development, having embraced disruptive trends in its journey to grow. This eco-system depicts an eclectic mix of cities. Today we are more connected than ever before. We use technology to enhance, share and control the world around us. Improved communication, participation and collaboration have increased with access to data and information for agencies, institutions and citizens.
Smart Cities
Smart Cities Asia will be structured around seven main themes:

•  Smart Development: Building for a Greater Generation
•  Smart ICT: City Beyond Technology
•  Smart Mobility: Moving Fast Forward
•  Smart Citizens: Integrating the People
•  Smart Energy: Transformation Towards Efficient Energy
•  Smart Water Management: Securing the Future of Water
•  Smart Waste Management: Adopting Sustainable Practices

Today’s cities are laboratories for technology, connectivity, networks and initiatives, driven by citizens and entrepreneurs together with governments and institutions. Smart Cities Asia 2016 will bring together all these stakeholders under a single platform to envision and realize the concept of how future cities will look like. Join your fellow city leaders this October at Smart Cities Asia for 2 days of expert insights and source for cutting edge technologies from a wide array of vendors

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• Gain the opportunity to help shape the agenda and direction for Smart Cities in Asia
•  Make the connections necessary to implement your vision for your Smart Cities in Asia
•  The only conference & exhibition happening in Malaysia to bring together all parties involved with driving the Smart Cities agenda within the region

Elevate your business and raise your profile at Smart Cities Asia 2016 by signing up for many of our sponsorship and exhibition packages that is available. Whether you want to speak in our thought leading conference, have an exhibition stand or host a lunch or drinks reception, we are more than happy to assist you with any inquiries that you may have.

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