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Melange Foundation

MELANGE! - A blended mixture of many good things.

Vision: Service meets business | Mission: Passion meets Profession

Melange deals with various aspects to build and improvise personal and professional goals of an individual while able to help the society simultaneously.

This time, a youth run or a youth driven initiative has helped spread knowledge, understanding and social skills among various other assets to all its members by completing social projects.
Melange Foundation
Melange is successfully executing two big verticals, EACH ONE HELP ONE and EACH ONE TEACH ONE.

Various projects through MELANGE help an individual in ways of:

1. Profile building
2. Stress management
3. Team building
4. Communication skills
5. Leadership skills
6. Understanding towards the environment and society

These are very important for the students or any individual for their self management and self assessment.

The EACH ONE HELP ONE campaign started in BMSIT, where students donated their old clothes and belongings which were in good condition to the foundation that was donated to orphanages and the needy. These donations crossed the 500 mark; it was the successful campaign which the MELANGE team is proud of.

The EACH ONE TEACH ONE vertical has been successfully collaborated with Varsha Agarwal’s NGO called SPRING - Spreading Smile India. Our MELANGE team has been successful in teaching the people of slums, government schools and few low profile private schools with basic computer knowledge and spoken English language skills.

Before knowing what business or corporate is and while entering the placements, students would get immense knowledge and value of life, money and time. They create a varied and huge difference in society as well. People are loving the experience in MELANGE.

And that is not the end of MELANGE yet, MELANGE also focuses on the academics. MELANGE also focuses on students by inspirational and motivational speeches and self assessment seminars.

Last but not the least, MELANGE is in association and collaboration with WALK FREE an AUSTRALIAN foundation as well, which majorly aims to end MODERN SLAVERY. MELANGE team’s active participation:

1. Karnataka Foundation Day
2. Republic Day
3. Alumini Meet
4. Two events in MEC Public School in association with WALK FREE

The idea of MELANGE has been encouraged in other college like SJCIT and a small unit has started there too. MELANGE with its multi-platform and immense growth in just two months has been a probable ratio of success. MELANGE was co-founded by likeminded friends and business partners:

1. Bharath Aditya
Youth leader in India for WALK FREE
Youth leader and co-founder of MELANGE

2. Mohammed Ameen
Co-founder of MELANGE

3. Sundar Raman
Co-founder of MELANGE

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