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A Shining Example to what sheer Dedication can do to a person - Mrs. Seetha Kiran

Regional Director of DAV institutions in the south and principal of DAV Public School, Safilguda; a lady who is a walking idol to thousands of school kids and the first role model in the life of every tiny tot in her school. Let's have a closer look at her life story where she shares about her life and it's journey. Read on!
Not even a single day I miss my morning assembly. I have so much to learn everyday from the kids that speak on the stage every morning, carrying within them the fire and enthusiasm to rock the stage.” These words show her dedication and commitment towards her work which she states, are the two most important qualities that define her.
Seetha Kiran
She cherishes her childhood memories with a broad smile telling us that she had a wonderful childhood which most of the kids in today’s generation are deprived of. Today she traces back the reason for her ability to adjust in any kind of environment to being part of a huge joint family where she grew up amidst brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and grandparents. Talking about it was a nostalgic exercise for her, recalling the days of tension free life, with no pressure from her parents to study, wandering about in the countryside admiring the scenic beauty and days of innocence filled with playing in the muddy puddles and thick bushes. She says that the struggles that she faced while studying, like walking for long distances and boarding buses in odd timings had only made her stronger.

The mother is the first teacher of the child. The message she gives to that child is what the child shall give to the world.’ Her life is a perfect exemplification to this quote as she calls her mother her ‘GURU’. Her soft and humble nature is something that she acquired from her mother who is the most important person in her life. She reminisces about her mother that she didn’t know how to be harsh and that she never showed any difference between her daughter and daughter-in-law.
Seetha Kiran
Being a science student, she never anticipated a future in this particular field. “It just happened and I never saw it coming”, says Seetha Kiran. She recollects how she happened to sit beside a girl with whom she had a talk, befriended and simply followed her to register for the course along with her. Born in Coorg, Kiran began her career with B.Ed College. She started off as a lecturer and as a result of her unflagging commitment to do well she could be a holder of two master degrees. “In this journey, I happened to face a situation where I had to teach one of my professors everyday. That was one of the awkward moments and also very embarrassing for both of us”, says the smiling woman of how she experienced and faced different situations.

Shifting to Hyderabad after getting married was the turning point in her life which introduced the dynamic lady - Seetha Kiran to the world. After moving to the city of pearls, she worked as a primary teacher initially and later became the founder trustee of a school and then there was no looking back. She says as a teacher, she had certain boundaries and could not work beyond them but when she was made the principal she had the power to implement her prolific ideas. Within a span of one year, there was a sharp rise in the strength of the school from a mere 600 to 1300. She could prove herself as an able administrator.
Seetha Kiran
The secret behind her success as a school principal is crystal clear in her words as she defines the way of learning in school saying that “children should run to school in the morning and walk back from school in the evening.” This is the principle that she follows in running her institution successfully by making it the best place for a kid. “I enjoy being with children”, says this lady who is the recipient of the prestigious CBSE National Award for the Best Teacher for the year 2002. She has also won the most prestigious and coveted award for teachers - The National award for teachers in the year 2008. Digging into those memories she says they were some of the happiest moments of her life. ”It’s only hard work and commitment that made me what I am. I always strive to play my role to the fullest.

In any field you would face such challenges where people try to take advantage of your goodness or cheat you. She is a person who is good to everybody including the person who tries to backstab her. She implements the Gandhian principles by showing such a person more sweeter side of her which would make him/her feel guilty. She is a visionary who gives her complete dedication to the work she does and has got an intransigent nature with regards to perfection. These qualities make her distinct. She passionately says that she wants to dedicate her life for the development of education by making students as well as teachers understand the importance of their roles. In her words, a message to every individual out there, “Be passionate about what you do. Follow your heart. With passion comes commitment, and commitment will lead you all the way to success.

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