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Between said and unsaid

There are things
and there are things

And in between lies

Walls of wonder.
Walls of doubts.
Walls of ego.
Walls of beliefs.
Between said and unsaid
sometimes there are no walls
just illusions of walls.

These walls,
although strong
don't have a foundation.

And that's where
I see a ray of bulging of a crack.
And a way for light to get in.

A scope for enlightenment,
that would open the minds.
And would break these walls.

Or may be it will
atleast create a window.

A window to peep at the other side.
And to plunge into an understanding,
that was like a secret
which not only makes one feel like
an expression inexperienced.

also gets one awakened at
the pofoundness of
this beautiful world
beautiful minds.

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Suman Choudhary
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