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Calm after a Storm

I walk alone; it's a deserted path,
The air is chilly; the silence is eerie,
I feel a fear like never before,
Shivers run down every bone,
I stop; my heart doesn't,
It beats faster and faster,
Louder and louder,
Then it skips a beat.
Calm after a Storm
In a flash the world upturns,
Lightning first and thunder follows,
Mighty winds rain their blows,
In no time at all it starts to pour,
Colors leak out of the space,
Everywhere I look I see gray,
I run; I stumble and fall,
Darkness surrounds I come to halt.

After what feels like eternity,
I feel a familiar warmth,
On the far horizon,a sliver of hope,
The dense clouds part,
And what do I see?
A rainbow in all its glory,
Relief fills my heart and I say,
"Now I see the colors again!".

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Keerthana Udupa
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