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Contentmart - Your perfect content partner

Launched by Creative WebMedia, is a virtual content marketplace where businesses can easily get in touch with content writers. Creative WebMedia has envisaged Contentmart as an easily accessible platform for clients and writers alike.

Content is King

In a world where content plays an important role in any company’s overall business strategies, clients are in constant search for writers who can fulfil those needs. How often do we yearn for a single platform that can plan, manage and source quality content with affordable flat-rate pricing?

Take your content strategy to the next level
This is where Contentmart steps in. Contentmart makes it easy for anyone to commission content from thousands of writers, who are screened, verified and rated for quality. It offers a great selection of writers and the process of ordering content is very simple to use. With more than 2,500 writers who have signed up with Contentmart, it makes managing content easier; and topics of all types seem to be covered.

Redefining the Content writer

To meet the constant demand for outstanding content, Contentmart is always on the lookout for new writers who want to contribute to the content revolution. It works with clients from various industries across the globe, which means an opportunity to write about almost anything under the sun.

But how does Contentmart work?

Finding the right writers who can source quality content is not an easy task. We work only with the best writers to ensure you get the quality content you deserve. The platform delivers seamless access to the world’s largest licensed content marketplace and a network of original content creators, making it easy to have your own consistent stream of content across all your channels.

If you are a client

  • Register/Log onto
  • Post your requirements, including a description of the project/assignment, maximum and minimum price range, and word limit.
  • Choose from the huge panel of tested and verified writers who have placed a bid for the particular project.
  • Once the assignment is submitted by the writer, you can review it. You do not have to pay till the content is approved.

If you are a writer

  • Log/Register onto
  • Place bids on any live project available.
  • Once a client assigns a project to you, you need to complete it within the stipulated time period and submit.
  • The payment is made once the client approves your project.
Competitive rates

Contentmart charges clients 14% service charge, as per revised service charge rates fixed by the government. Writers are charged a 10% commission, which is deducted when they place a withdrawal request.

Your perfect content partner

Whether you need one writer or an entire team of writers, Contentmart will help you find the right content experts effortlessly. Using a marketplace like this offers you a wealth of specific skill sets and the most talented independent professionals. Contentmart removes the complexity of content production by providing a complete platform to empower and connect quality writers with clients in need of top-notch quality content. For more information visit

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