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Corporate Startup Summit 2016: Already Running Four Years

Bonn - Top notch speakers, lots of interesting topics and workshops: Corporate Startup Summit International 2016 presents a worthwhile agenda for national and international participants interested in Corporate Entrepreneurship.

Corporate Startups Summit will be hosted in the fourth year already. But it’s also the first time this international platform for Corporate Entrepreneurship is going international, landing in Zurich, Switzerland. The two days event will be packed with interesting best-practice examples, workshops and networking sessions.
Corporate Startup Summit 2016
Well-known speakers from this area, sharing their experience over how they implemented innovation on a cultural, organizational or methodical level to transform a corporation, will be another highlight of this event.

At the first day after welcoming the participants and introducing the team behind the event,three intense workshops will take place. In between the sessions attendees will have time to have a face-to-face with experts to discuss their specific topics, needs or problems. First day ends with a casual networking get-together party.

Second day is summit day. Over the cause of the day six different workshops and several best-practice slams, showcasing successful examples of innovation, collaboration and change-making will take place offering valuable insights.

In between the workshops there will also be different networking sessions and panel discus-
sions. People also get the opportunity to learn more about each other and exchange on cer-
tain topics in a dedicated area with presentation booths. The next Corporate Startup Summit is hosted at Swiss Life Binz Center in Zurich, Switzer-
land on April 27th & 28th 2016. More information is available on

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