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Travel Hot Spots for 2016

Now the year is in full swing, it's hard not to let your mind drift and to think of venturing to sunnier climes. If you are lucky enough to be able to do an event overseas or if you just fancy taking a quick break, here are the 3 top destinations for 2016.
Havana, Cuba

Cuba an Island found in the gorgeous Caribbean with white-sand beaches, rolling mountains and the capital city of Havana at its heart. Havana is a city with a difference with its narrow cobbled streets flanked by colourful colonial buildings, vintage Buicks rumbling around and a vibrant atmosphere of salsa, sun and rum.   For the ultimate’s Havana experience stay at the Hotel Saratoga, hire a classic car to cruise the sites and visit the world famous Tropicana cabaret.
Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the coastal Portuguese capital, well known by travellers for its pastel coloured buildings, café culture and soulful Fado music but for a long time it has managed to go under the radar. However thanks to a new young, contemporary art scene this city is quickly becoming the new ‘it’ destination in Europe. The waterside area of Cais do Sodré has been spruced up, painted pink and is the new place to party in town. To start your night head to Vestigius for Gin and Tonics on the terrace, followed by dinner at Restaurante Casa de Pasto from one of the most creative chefs in town and to finish, dance the night away at Music Box.
Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is the world’s most northern capital and has a sense of space and calm, found on the coast and with a population of 120,000.  At first glance this capital is more like a village but this city packs a punch with edgy industrial architecture, world class graffiti art scene matched with ultra-sleek restaurants such as Grillmarkadurinn and luxury boutique hotels like Hotel 101.  In addition it is the perfect place to access Iceland’s action packed activities such as white water rafting, skidooing and deep sea fishing.

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