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Count Less. Or Should I Say, Don't Count At All?

It was midnight. I was done with my day's work. It was a long tiring day, so I was all set to sleep. But something kept bothering me for a while - not letting me sleep. In no time I was almost suffocating. I felt like I need some fresh air. Not because I was in a closed room, but it was because of the number of things running on my mind. It almost choked me. But what was it that didn't let me sleep? Sometimes you really have to dig deep into your thoughts just to pull out that one thought that's bothering you.

I started recalling all that happened during the day - latest first. I had gotten on my mom's nerves yet again for reaching home late. As if that wasn't enough, after having two chapattis (Indian bread), I told her I'm full, just to find out that she'd heated the rice just for me! One more mistake! No conversations after that and she went to bed. I very well knew that by morning she would have forgotten (or at least there would be no sign of remembrance) that I was late home previous night. She would go on and prepare delicious breakfast as usual. That made me ponder - So many times in a day I get on her nerves, but that never seems to change the way she cooks food for me or the care to wait at the door while I leave for my work the following day.
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Now, maybe that's why a mother's love cannot be compared to anything else in this world. It's no different with dad. I didn't pick up his call while he was worried why I haven't reached home. But he never forgets to give me a smile when I arrive and never forgets to ask me "How was your day?" These thoughts left me thinking how parents manage to love their kids so unconditionally.

Does your mother ever count how many times she's cooked food for you since birth? Does your father ever count how much money has gone for your education, clothing, entertainment, etc. since birth? Does your mother ever count how many times you've left your room unclean and she's cleaned it for you? Does your father ever count the number of things he never bought for himself because he was busy shopping for you? Do they count how many times you've lied? Or do they count the number of times you've not carried out their orders? This list just goes on...

Have you ever loved your parents this unconditionally? The first thing you should start doing is to count "less". Actually speaking, not count at all!
This applies not only to parents. It applies to your brother, sister, a friend, a cousin - or anyone you think you have a pure relationship with. Just keep giving, not keeping a count.

You must have heard of "Life is a boomerang". It's true! Count 'Less' and you shall see countless number of joys coming your way!

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