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I Felt Ashamed

The pure silver lined drops of rain,
Slithered over to fall on my palm ,
Upright I held them to see the moon through,
She blushed, to only hide behind the dark clouds,
Peeping over n over like a new bride!

The rain had just taken leave,
The sounds of tip n tap went missing,
Life seemed greener n calmer!
i felt ashamed,mission
Oh dear.. One tea please..
Its warmth, went down the throat of mine,
To foil the cold breeze through the nasal.
My hands slipped into my jacket,
Shivering willingly with a cold mouth, i froze!

I ambled across,
Remembering the pasts,
The deeper truths n secret!
No ears, I felt alone!

Thoughts rushed faster like
The drops of rain ,tipping off
The green curvy leaves,
One after the other,
Trusting each other blindly,
Hoping for destiny!
Flowing downhill, past me!
I sat, on a rock stone
Envying their trust.

The city looked ablaze,
Life seemed busier with unsolvable haze,
These rain drops looked
to change this phase!

They left happily, with a mission,
Betrayal n hatred, to efface,
They wished trust to take surface,
Seeing them,
I felt ashamed!

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Purandhar Srinivas
Purandhar Srinivas is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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