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In Support Of Selflessness- Art Of The Heart

Once a Forest catches fire and all the animals started running for their lives. A Tiger Cub gets trapped in a bush. A deer fawn saves the tiger cub. Both escaped from the fire and found a safe place. They searched for long time, but they didn't find their families. Both tiger and deer became good friends and started living together for few months helping each other. Tiger grew up thinking tigers won't hunt a deer and the deer grew up thinking that tigers are harmless.

After a year, the deer found its family. The deer's family wasn't aware of the tiger's friendship; they got scared, took the deer and ran away. When deer told its family that the tiger is a friend, they were not ready to risk their lives and forced the deer to stay away from tiger. The tiger was looking for the deer all over the place. After few days, the tiger found the place, where the deers were residing. The tiger entered inside expecting a welcome from the deer, but, all the deers started running and took the tiger's friend also along with them.

Tiger was confused and thought, they are playing a game and tiger has to catch them. So, the tiger started chasing all the deer. But, they got terrified and thought the tiger is chasing to kill them all and they started scolding the deer for making friendship with the tiger. Tiger got tired and went back near a river to drink water.
in support of selflessness,expectation
Deer thought they escaped and left that cave and went to a far away place. But, the deer came back near the river to meet the tiger and told that it cannot play with tiger again and also told it to go find its family. When the deer came back, its family explained that tigers can never become friends with deer, its nature is to hunt and one day it will kill all, if we allow it to be with us.

The tiger found its family and was very happy. So, it came back to tell the Deer that it has got its family and it is very happy. But, the deer again started running for their lives and went in search of another safe place. The deer was frustrated running again and again, it said, it wanted to end this forever.

The tiger was explained by its family that, tigers hunt deer and eat; it's their nature for survival. But the tiger wasn't ready to kill the deer which saved its life. So, the tiger left the place and came in search of the deer. When the tiger found the new hide out of the deer, the deer came to the tiger and asked not to come again searching and to stay away from the deer family forever.

The tiger gets very sad and upset, decided to take its life which was once saved by the deer. It went to the top of the mountain and about to jump; It thought for everything for one last time and realized, its life has been saved by the deer for some reason. Wasting it doesn't serve the purpose of once being saved. The deer has saved its life once and it may not want to be with the tiger, but it needs the tiger to be safe from other animals. So the tiger came back, but never showed up to the deer. Every time any other Tiger or animals were about to attack the deer, this tiger used to threaten those animals and send them away.
The deer never realized that it was saved hundreds of times for the good deed it had once done. The tiger's family never realized why the tiger is showing so much of gratitude. But, this tiger was happy saving the life of the deer all the time.
Moral Of The Story: "Never judge anyone by your past experience, There is lot more in the world which you have never seen. Selflessness is a act of caring forever without any expectations"

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Anil Kumar KN
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