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Just Create

Sitting at the office desk,
And whiling away time,
Shouldn't be a leader's attitude.
From dawn to dusk,
Decided I to make things go rhyme,
Remembered the existence of latitude to longitude;
Just Create.. the ALTITUDE.

I thought entering Oracle,
Will give me a feel of twinkle,
Lest did I know loitering in the cafeteria;
will seep in me more bacteria.
Hundred's seated around in their cubicles,
I thought I'll introspect,
But in retrospect,
I end up bursting in crackles;
Just Create.. the MIRACLE.
just create,attitude
In programming and coding,
lays in the history.
Into the Computer their hooked,
Before realizing time is dying,
life is passing,
They are already cooked
To me it sounds a comedy;
Just Create.. the VICTORY.

The days time is soon coming to an end,
But we leaders like to create a new trend,
When they are tired,
We jolts up fired!
When they lack in action,
We charge up with motivation;
Just Create.. the ACTION.

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Rheana John
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