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Magical Magnet - Attracts Friendship Worldwide

At the age of sixteen, I was really only thinking about one main event; I was about to sign a publishing contract and my book was going to be out in the world for everyone to read. I never had a second thought about how that would affect me, or really, how it would affect others as well. I was definitely heading for a wakeup call and was about to find my priorities shifting! What a difference the next year and a half would make!

We all know that to sell a book you need to market it, so I tried my hand at it. I discovered very quickly that for one thing it's really hard and also there are so many people out there just like me working hard to get noticed. It can be a very discouraging process for anyone. So, I decided that I would remain upbeat and keep a smile on my cyber-face for the world to see.
magical magnet,attract friendship
The first step was joining many LinkedIn groups to learn more about how things are done. This is where I made my first friends; there are fabulously helpful people there! I wish I still had the time to visit the groups all the time like I did in the beginning, I really enjoyed them. Next of course there came twitter. Wow what a strange new world! There are so many terrific people, or should I say "tweeps" out there! I began noticing when someone is feeling down, or is not really having their kind of day. I would try my best to say something to make them feel better; saying something nice or sending a hug or big smiles to cheer them up. Also, whenever I read something fun or interesting, I retweeted it so more people could see it. Then I thought, why not bring more happiness online. So, I began sending out random mentions to people that were really "unique" and would make them smile. For instance there's #TootlesTuesday or #MouseyMonday. Of course, I'm a vampire novel writer with a silly side so I added #FangedFadoodle Friday and #WingedWidget Wednesday! That's just a tiny sample! Marketing Antiserum turned more into sending hugs around the World as I found out that people wanted to know me, not some cold ad campaign. I make my blog as upbeat and light as I can spreading as much good news and fun as I can find. If you look me up, you'll find that I've been known to twirl and dance in a tweet and even got someone to wear a tinsel toupee! (I have the youtube video to prove it, brave fellow 9) I thought I was just being fun and sharing some of my goofy side with people. What I discovered was, I was spreading smiles and making friends.

The strangest thing of all is that from my small town in the bay area of California, I've found our Great Big World is shrinking! I have had the good fortune to befriend some of the most wonderful people all around the World! Trust me, I didn't think it was possible to be really great friends with someone who lived all the way in Wales, but it is extremely possible! He was my first friend in the author community and I've also had the opportunity to gain another good Welsh friend who has taught me a tiny bit of Welsh through email! Well.. tried to teach me! I wish I could name all my friends and their Countries but that would make this a list of names instead of a story!
I've noticed over time that other people have started doing silly and random tweets too... or perhaps silliness just attracts more silliness? Whatever the cause, I'm one happy girl because every day someone inspires me to smile or laugh and every day I try to inspire someone to step out of their comfort zone just a little bit, or do something goofy or random and find their inner belly laugh. My greatest wish is to someday travel around the World exchanging tweets for in-person conversations, smiley-faces for real smiles and cyber-hugs for real hugs! Then my Inspiration could truly soar!

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Patricia Carrigan
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