Poetic Spree
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Sun rising,
The dawn of a new day -
Rays dance on the horizon,
"Rejoice," they say.

For this is the day
The Lord God has made.
Yes, this is the day;
Hide not in the shade!

Yea, rejoice in the Light,
Rejoice in sunrays,
Rejoice in the Son-shine:
Sky-fire ablaze.
son rise,horizon
The Eternal One:
He is bright and pure.
A consuming fire,
Aflame forever more.

Embrace me, O Lord,
With warmth of Light.
Guide me, O Master,
Through day and night

Refine me by fire,
Cleanse me by flame,
Fill me with Your desire -
Our wills the same.

Grant that I, like You,
Shine brilliant, bright.
Grant that I, for You,
Share Your Light.

What is sweeter than that?
What is finer to do?
Than to live for the Lord,
Than to shine for You?

Shine then may I ever
For Your glory alone.
I live no longer for me,
My life is not my own.

For the Son Himself,
The Light on High,
Shed His blood for me -
For me He did die.

A glorious truth,
Warming my heart:
My Savior loves me,
We shall never part.

I delight then
To offer Him all I am;
I rejoice then
To surrender to the Lamb.

I release myself, and
With You, Lord, I unite.
Consumed by Your flame,
Eternal and bright.

O, glory of glories
To live in the Son;
Joy of joys
To abide in the One.

Shining brighter,
Purer all the more
Each day I shall
For the One I adore.

I rejoice in His light,
I rejoice in Son-rays,
I rejoice in Son-shine:
His heart-flame ablaze.

Yea, shine I shall each day
The Lord God has made.
I shall shine for Jesus,
Hiding not in the shade.

For the Son is risen,
He is the Dawn of each day -
My heart dances with Jesus,
I rejoice in His Way!

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