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Ten Ways To Stay Motivated Throughout The Day

1) Once you're up from Bed, tell yourself a few positive Words- "Today is going to be an amazing day!", "At work I'm going to be the Best".. Trust me, Repeatedly saying "I CAN" does more magic than your IQ.

2) What's a Mirror For? Remember, Mirror shows who you are, and who you DARE TO BE. So start off with "I love you!, to your wonderful friend across the mirror. I'm sure saying this even for 10 Days, will create a positive image in your mind. Moreover, learn to Love yourself first, then show love to others! :)

3) On the Way to your Workplace; Listen to Your Favorite Music collection. It gives you an instant adrenaline rush to keep your spirits high.

"Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose". If you want to enlarge yourself and your life, you have to start practicing visualization, which gives you the fuel to turn dreams into reality.
stay motivated throughout the day,best at work
5) Write down a TO-DO list daily, which includes things to be done with respect to work or studies, and put a check mark on it once done. Set your own goals and targets! You alone know your pace; do not underestimate yourself. End of the day see for yourself how many tasks have been accomplished as compared to how many would've been, without the To Do list. Check this for a month, you'll see the difference!

6) DO SOMETHING NEW occasionally!
Go for some artwork or sport or volunteer in activities at your society. It'll be a great place to make new friends. You could even try out a new recipe at home.

7) Avoid getting into arguments or heated discussions. Getting into arguments not only hurt the other person but will injure you as well.

8) Go through your attic. All of us have an attic. Something we treasure, a childhood accomplishment, an award or gift received from dearly beloved. GET THEM OUT!! They were given to you so that you can cherish them and keep Smiling!

So Change your dressing style. Change the way you look. CHANGE your Desktop Wallpaper!
10) TREAT TIME: Once you feel you have done a mighty amount of work, Learn to TREAT YOURSELF. Oh yes you could either Gift yourself anything you have always wanted but kept postponing!
Keep things simple.

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