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The Morning Light

I was born on a day when the whole world was dying
I felt like since my birth I have been living in a grave
I decided to end up my life as everyone else around me was doing the same
Everyone; buried in a grave of worries and endless hatred

It was dark at night when I started digging up my place in ground
But after a minute the sun shined up on me
It wasn't dark now
It was a new dawn
At that moment I realized
That the nature does not want us to bury our self
It wants us to rise like a sun
the morning light,feeling love
I run to the people who were still digging
I told them that this morning light has come to our way
To show us the right way
We do not have to be sad anymore
We do not need to be down anymore

Our past maybe dark but today it's not
It's not cold, it's bright and hot
Our blood is warm and running in our veins
So just try to wipe out the stains

My mom and dad named me "The morning Light"
And this is the name for everyone alive
We all will die someday for sure
But as long as we are alive
We are breathing
We are feeling
We are love
We are light
And this is the thing which is totally right
So stand up front and be
A morning light

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Zoha Khalid
Zoha Khalid is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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