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Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Spring is coming!! And Peter Cottontail is just hopping around the corner with Easter Sunday coming up! Easter has always been a good holiday for me and I always have the best memories because of it.

I always remember coloring eggs. It's a time consuming process if you want the colors to be really vivid, and at the time, I wasn't really a patient person. Instead, I would end up having really light pastel colored eggs and I would end up whining about how my eggs weren't as pretty as my older sister's eggs. She knew how to wait, unlike myself. But, we would always color the eggs the night before because in the morning, my parents would hide all of the eggs around the front rooms of the house and we would have to find them all.
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It was a lot of fun, and eventually, finding them in the house was getting too easy, so my parents started hiding them in our front yard and our neighbors would come over to hang out with my parents while they watched and kept count of how many eggs we were finding. You see, they would count the eggs beforehand because we were using fresh hard-boiled eggs and it would smell really bad if we didn't find one. Which, one year, we weren't able to find one of the eggs.

Although, I have a feeling that it wasn't our problem that we couldn't find the egg, I think my cat started playing with it and it fell or rolled somewhere else. Now, I only suspect my cat because earlier that morning, my older sister was sitting by one of the filled egg cartons and my cat, Freddy, started creeping his way across the patio table toward the eggs and was attempting to gnaw on them! When Amber, my sister, saw what he was doing and guarded the eggs by putting her arm around the carton and pulled them toward her. That's when Freddy decided that he didn't like having the eggs tak-en away and gave Amber a little nip before scampering away! That wasn't all we did on Easter though. We would also go out to breakfast with my neighbors, or drive over to Irvine to have another Easter Egg Hunt at my grandparents' house! The kids would also receive Easter baskets with a plush bunny and some chocolates inside of it. (That was the best part!)

Truthfully, Easter has always been my favorite because I can't really remember a time where it wasn't beautiful outside every time it came around and all of the bright colored Easter grass that would be inside of the basket, the yummy candies that we would receive, and the fun time that we would have with the family just makes it the best time for me.

I know there are many ways to celebrate Easter and I hope that all of you readers have fun this Easter. If you don't celebrate Easter, then I hope that you have fun and just enjoy being around family. You don't really need a reason to celebrate being together. We try to celebrate family, life and laughter as often as we can. My wish for you is that you find a time to laugh a lot every day with your family or friends.

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