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Maria Fernanda Gandara Gil

maria fernanda gandara gil,entrepreneur
Mohan BN(Mohan): A brief introduction of yourself for the world to know you better and as you would want them to know you.

Maria Fernanda Gandara(MFG): My name is Maria Fernanda Gandara. I'm 24 years old and I'm a proud and happy Mexican but also a citizen of the world. I believe in my family, my friends, passion, sharing, impact, inspiration, dreams, but most importantly I am happy.

Mohan: What were the lessons learned during the journey of social entrepreneurship?

MFG: The importance of teamwork, the importance of having fun while work-ing, importance of mentors. My mentors are Clelia, Director of entrepreneurship and Alvaro Rodriguez Arregui.

Mohan: What was the problem that gave birth to your idea? What problem does your idea resolve?

MFG: Celebrating The World is my venture. I started to have friends around the world, and I started to be interested in what moved them, and in not just knowing about them by projects or the news (that are mostly negative). I wanted to know about the amazing things that were going on, and to understand religions and cultures. Celebrating the world helps in creating empathy, creating better global citizens.

Mohan: How did you combat the obstacles that challenged you during the implementation of your idea?

MFG: I had to give a lot of time to it! There's a lot of sacrifice, fun and focus required. There are lots of those people who don't believe in what you are doing. It takes times to implement your idea, to decide where to reach and what path to choose.

Mohan: What is the degree of duplicability of your idea in other parts of the world?

MFG: It's already in the world. In one weekend 40+ countries supported the concept. It's going from global to local. There are currently 25 COUNTRY CHAMPIONS. A network of 152 countries, social media, networks like One Young World, World Economic Forum, Global Shapers Community, and Merit have endorsed the idea.

Mohan: What vision do you want to share with the youth of the globe?

MFG: Today, since we are closer than before and more connected we have become a part of a global family/village and we have to be more committed each day to solve the most important challenges of our community (local, national and global). I envision a world with shared values and purposes that united will take this planet to be better for the future generations.
maria fernanda gandara gil,entrepreneur

Mohan: How can the public support the upcoming social entrepreneurship ventures?

MFG: Public as in people should be ready to change the way they see business, to choose the ones that have greater impact and can benefit the society, to invest in social ventures as once it was philanthropy, to see for sustainability and to see social entrepreneurship as the best way to solve the most pressing challenges. Mohan: What are the key qualities that a social entrepreneur should possess according to you?

MFG: BUSINESS ie Business knowledge. You need to know that business should be sustainable to have impact and to scale the impact. Also community knowledge is not just something what you think is right but what community needs.

Mohan: What is your message that you want our readers to take back from your story?

MFG: To have big dreams and to believe so much in them that you will take them into action, to be open to possibilities, to take the time you are living as the best time to do what you want and not tomorrow or sometime later in the future. Today must be the day to solve problems that are important for the people and for the world. Think global! It doesn't matter if you know or not what you need to make your dreams come true. If you believe in the impact your dream can have and the possibilities it will bring you then you will find the ways to make it a reality. Learn, share, impact, inspire and keep growing!

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