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Self-evaluation: The key to unlock hidden secrets

We lay at the mercy of ourselves. We are sole controllers of our own lives. It's up to us whether we want to grow or slow our progress charts. The S.I units provide a standard measurement for all the physical quantities that exist in this universe but there can be no standard set for measuring growth or success that can be universally accepted. Hence it's left to each one of us to have our very own standards and work towards raising them every time we meet them.

This whole process of taking goals, working towards them and accomplishing them should be followed by the most important and prominent step called self-evaluation. Introspection is the time that] we invest on recalling and thinking of all the work that we have done in the recent days of the past and start evaluat-ing them one by one. During self-evaluation we have to be really honest with ourselves to make sure that we are not giving excuses for any of our inabilities to fulfill the work require-ments. We should be honest enough to accept our faults and must plan to curb our shortcomings. During self-evaluation we should be able to clearly list down the number of different activities that we have been a part of and then scan through each one of them in detail. If we have performed up to the mark, then we need to continue the same, if we have exceeded ex-pectations we should appreciate and reward ourselves and if we have failed our own or organization's expectations, we should look in further detail to find out the real reasons of failure.
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Though self-evaluation includes both appreciating oneself for success as well as punishing oneself for failure, more focus should be on making plans to convert the past failures into future successes. Hence yardsticks have to be set for every work that we are a part of, so that we can evaluate our performance each time and improve every next time. Listing down all the activities and subjecting oneself to self-evaluation will give us a filtered list of unfinished tasks that we need to work upon and for which we need to nurture or change certain of our skills, talents and attitudes. We have to make a separate list for these expected changes and new stuff on which we need to work and develop a plan of action to accomplish.

As we take upon more and more work of diversity, only then will we be able to tap out different qualities and strengths of ours. There can be hundreds of them who might like, comment, judge, appreciate, criticize, evaluate our work and assign rewards or penalties but it is much more our own responsibility to evaluate ourselves because nobody can be with us to have a vigilance over all that we do all the time apart from we ourselves. Only when we strictly evaluate our ownselves can we understand our shortcomings and work on them to excel the next time. Man is a hidden treasure of unlimited potential. It needs to be excavated. For being excavated, first, there needs to be a sense of lack of this potential which has been responsible for the failures which can be known only when we under-go a self-evaluation procedure. Once it is known, we shall work upon ourselves to extract the hidden talents and skills in us and exhibit them to the outer world.

Unfortunately most of the people in this world just drift away with time without evaluating self and by only listening to others' comments and opinions and acting accordingly. As a result, they don't exercise the complete potential of being a human and live half-empty lives. Every hidden talent in us is a treasure to the outside world. It's a sin if we don't exploit our skills to develop this world into a better place. Hence, we must time and again evaluate our thoughts, words and actions by subjecting ourselves to self-evaluation procedure regularly and constantly upgrade and uplift ourselves rather than just waiting for the world to evaluate and rate us.

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